” It is Time to Think for Everyone ” – February 28, 2021.

It was the period of slave labour when a rich man was beating badly his slave for a minor offence. The slave took the beating smilingly as if it had no bearing on him. He has been used to this ordeal many times before.

Around the same time, Muhammad Nabi happened to walk in front of the house. For a moment he stood silently watching and he continued his path. Looking at this the rich man stopped beating the slave instantly. He then decided to go to Muhammad Nabi’s house.

Muhammad Nabi by then has been deeply engrossed in his personal chores. The rich man after reaching Muhammad Nabi’s house bowed before him and took his seat. After sometime in a relaxed manner he began the conversation. He said to Muhammad Nabi : ” I was beating my slave ; you saw that ; yet you didn’t say anything and left. I felt embarrassed if I had lost my rights to punish my slave.”

Muhammad Nabi replied : ” Yes, he is your slave. We should not forget that we are all slaves of Allah “.

This made an impact on the rich man who realising his mistake left the place politely. Not much is needed to say how he would have treated his slave after this incident.

People in general are good at finding the faults of others, but their efforts to correct the erring individual do not however match their desire to find mistakes of people. Only little effort is needed to correct the erring individuals.

Despite the abolishment of slavery world over there exist many still with an attitude of fancied superiority. Every individual is one of billions in the world. The opportunities and support received have made us economically well equipped. Those who did not receive or missed these opportunities are the ones still languishing in unpleasant conditions. These are not however permanent. Society needs to inculcate this understanding in everyone. But people still approach these situations based on their age and experience without full understanding.

For anyone to be on his high horse in itself is a sign of mental disease. Thinking always about the next step of growth to hit the high spots swiftly these people many a times get depressed in life. Some are even driven to the state of committing suicide. This does not mean that nobody should grow. When our opportunities and support gain momentum we should be able to make healthy changes in our relationships with others too.

What can anyone do ? When we notice defects in our families and neighbours we may suitably try to correct them in a healthy manner. Whether we have the right to correct something or not has to be first ascertained. It is a self evaluation cum experiment. If it is lacking in strength we should move forward to improve our strengths and then engage in action. The part to be played by the person to be corrected is more important than the part played by the person to correct one. Hence, it is important to first make the circumstances amenable to make the person feel the right to be corrected. Those in high positions should be experts at these. You just look at those families and their offices. It will be like the Garden of Eden with flowers blooming all around.

From the above incident of Muhammad Nabi let us now understand how we should be able to bring about that change.

For a moment think what would have happened if Muhammad Nabi resorted to lending advice to the rich man when he was beating the slave. The rich man would have described the slave’s wrong act in detail. He would have tried to justify his act too. He would have insisted that what he did was right. Muhammad Nabi also would have made some Observations and left the place.

Muhammad Nabi’s reaction in the above manner would have left only the justice of the rich man to be discepted. But Muhammad Nabi’s ‘SILENCE’ has caught not just the attention of the rich man but made him think too promoting justice for both the parties.

Muhammad Nabi’s stance is clear : ” that the rich man does not have any right to beat the slave “. What words failed to do, ‘SILENCE’ establishes here. As expected by Muhammad Nabi, the rich man stopped beating the slave ; then he thinks ; and while thinking he does so from the point of both parties ; Muhammad Nabi achieved this.

To make others think as above is the special and sweet moment in life. To make that happen is the responsibility of the learned.

The rich man gains courage to meet and present his case to Muhammad Nabi. At that point Muhammad Nabi establishes his superiority and humility. “Just as Allah does not beat us for our mistakes, so do we also need to treat our slaves.” If you spend the time entirely to punish others there will not be any time left to love and correct others. Muhammad Nabi also makes everyone learn that no-one is superior to any other in this world. Only approaches like this will make even criminals turn a leaf in their lives.

What Civil Rights Activist, Martin Luther King Jr said : ” A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus “, is perhaps the best words for all times and for all people.

” Dieu avec nous “

Sunday, February 28, 2021 – 9.31 a.m. (IST)

Tudbit : ” Clear thinking requires courage rather than intelligence ” – Thomas Szasz.


” Work is the Secret of Progress ” – February 24, 2021.

“Labour alone will give rise to Progress “, Late CM of Tamil nadu, K. Kamaraj’s Golden Message in TN assembly in 1960s. Late Dr P Sivanthi Adhiththanar’s famous utterance while speaking to employees goes like this : ” Let us all work together and raise our lives “.

Ever since the ancient days our ancestors have consistently stressed the value and importance of work in history and ancient literature.

The time and conditions are now ripe for Social Change and Development bringing the need to inculcate fair and genuine work habits in industry.

It is in this context that the Four Laws to be brought by the Central Government assumes significance. “Employee Welfare law ; Employee Relations ; Security at Work ; and Health-Environment -and Social Protection ” constitute these Laws.

However, this has also raised doubts in the minds of impartial and neutral observers in Politics and Academics.

The Laws to be enacted may not be applicable to Institutions but only to industry. Industry now operates on a 5 or 6 day week.

According to the laws to be enacted they will be afforded the liberty to bring it to a 4 day week with 12 hours of work each working day. The laws also extend the leverage of operating on a 4, 5, or 6 day week to industry with a maximum of 48 hours per week. A four day week may not suit all types of operations in industry. Manual labour cannot be imposed for more than 8 hours per day due to the risks of fatigue, poor performance, stress, bodyache, and mental deterioration. Hence the need for industry to distinctly denote the type of operations in organisations. This is also felt by the observers that a 4 day week with 3 full holidays may not be appropriate.

The laws also prohibit overtime work beyond 48 hours per week even when the employees are in agreement. The Observers again raise their point as a sort of deprivation of enthusiasm to work by employees and increase the organisation’s productivity is missed here. Permission for two to four hours of extra work can help solve this problem. Job descriptions of employees play a key role in this context. Due consultations with employees, medical experts, and union heads will lend an approach that can become acceptable.

The Government’s initiatives are to be praised and welcomed. At the same time Work ; Employee Welfare ; and Productivity in industry must be carefully examined to encourage and enthuse united efforts for GROWTH. The figure above succinctly shows this.

” Dieu avec nous “

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 – 7.09 p.m. ( IST )

Tidbit : ” Employees must participate in progress to enjoy their work and take pride in its products “.


” As the Valley Grazed the Crop ” – February 18, 2021.

Renewable energy production in the next 10 years will comprise 40% of our energy requirements ; natural gas production will increase from 6.3% to 13% ; and mixing of ethanol with petrol – are some of the visionary programs to counter the increasing import of crude oil and gas ( 85% and 53% respectively in 2019-2020 ) as part of energy management solutions , according to our PM. These efforts need to be welcomed.

But, the continuous increase in petrol and diesel prices, specially, in the last 7 or 8 days presents a gloomy picture for the common man. Even while citing the rise in international crude price for the increase, the reality lies in the tax charged by the centre and states is indisputable. Even when the international crude prices were low, the burden was severe due to the special increase in customs duty ( ₹ 11/- ) ; additional duty in respect of road infrastructure development ( ₹ 18/- ) ; and additional duty in respect of Agricultural Development ( ₹ 2.5/- ) negating in effect the benefits of crude price decline for the common man. The Government on the other hand had earned an additional revenue of ₹ 160000 crores. As the valley grazed the crop !

International crude price was $ 106 per barrel in May 2014. Now it stands at $ 59 per barrel. The price of petrol at ₹71.45/- in May 2014 should now have been reduced to at least half. Instead it has risen to 90, 100, and even 106 in some states. Is this a case of perversion of the course of justice ? One wonders !

Price of petrol in China is ₹ 51 per litre ; in America it is ₹ 45 per litre ; in Canada it is ₹ 43.5/- per litre ; and in Brazil it is ₹ 61.5/- per litre. Whatever be the reason for the undue increase in India, people’s perceptions of it being unacceptable cannot be ruled out. We are probably approaching the proud distinction of holding the ‘first’ position in the petrol/Diesel price internationally. Blaming the past Governments for their failure to reduce the energy imports will not hold any water.

A similar picture is seen in respect of cooking gas prices too. Centre with all good intent extends subsidies for cooking gas for families with income less than 10 lakhs per annum. In April 2020, the cooking gas price was (for a 14.2 kg cylinder ) was ₹ 772/- with a subsidy amounting to ₹ 238/-. Subsidy from then onwards gradually decreased and today we don’t receive any subsidy amount while facing gradual increase in cost. From ₹ 660/- in the beginning of December 2020 the price shot up to ₹ 710/- by the end of the same month. Now, in February 2021 it is ₹ 787.50.

If there is a single issue that prevailed heavily in the daily coverage of newsmagazines in the past year, it can safely be accorded to the prices of petrol/diesel. This, despite repeated discussions and condemnations by various Political dispensations.

It is the cause of mental boil raging amongst the people forum strongly. Rise in petrol/diesel prices leading to an increase in the prices of commodities and essentials is too well known in people forums to be dismissed by any peaceful justification measures.

Instead of the gas stove burning at homes, one will only witness the minds of people burning and boiling without any relief.

” Dieu avec nous “

Thursday, February 18, 2021 – 8.59 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” Smart thinking : If only your wallet bulges as the rise in petrol, how sweet life will be ! “


” Whatever Happens, Happens For Good Only ” – February 15, 2021.

Rajarajan is a person with pious sentiments and deep respect for entertaining pious hopes always.

Here, he speaks to God Hanuman in his moment of travail :

Rajarajan : Oh, God Hanuman, can I ask you an aspect of clarification and explanation from you?

God Hanuman : My son, feel free to ask me anything.

Rajarajan : Will you answer me patiently without getting angry or irritated ?

God Hanuman : Sure, go ahead.

Rajarajan : Today has been a very bad day for me. Why did you make it so ?

God Hanuman : What are you saying ?

Rajarajan : Always used to get up with the lark, today – unfortunately – I got up late. Why ?

God Hanuman : Yes, in your hurry to leave for office you failed to pray and bow before my idol today.

Rajarajan : Already late. Add to that my bike got punctured which I noticed only when I was just about to start.

God Hanuman : Yes, I know.

Rajarajan : I took the bus ultimately and again unfortunately I got stuck in a terrific traffic jam on the way. There was an accident ahead probably. I was late by more than an hour to the office.

God Hanuman : Yes, I know.

Rajarajan : Due to an important work I got considerably delayed reaching the canteen for lunch. I had nothing left there to satisfy my hunger.

God Hanuman : Yes, I know.

Rajarajan : I had applied for a personal loan in a bank, and I was expecting a call from them. I was about to receive their call when my phone failed to respond due to low battery.

Gid Hanuman : Yes, I know.

Rajarajan : With great difficulty I reached home amidst many hurdles of the day. I thought of easing comfortably in my A/C room watching TV. Sadly the A/C didn’t work and so also the TV.

The whole day turned out to be bad for me. Is it because I failed to pray before leaving for office ? Are there so many troubles in store for a person who does not pray even a single day ?

God Hanuman released a gale of laughter and started speaking to Rajarajan in his customary low but firm voice.

God Hanuman : According to your ‘Karma’ today is supposed to be a deadly day for you. When you were asleep in the morning, the Deity of Death, Yamaraja, approached you to take your life. I intervened and pleaded with him for sometime that made you to get up late. Were you not saved by my act ?

Rajarajan : Stunned, he exclaimed, Oh God Hanuman … …

God Hanuman : When you were about to start your bike you were deigned to be hit by a swerving, uncontrolled van on the way to office. That van was the cause of the accident that happened. If you had travelled in your bike, the van would have hit you instead. I pleaded with Yamaraja and saved you from death.

Rajarajan : ” Stunned again, and exclaims, Oh God … …

God Hanuman : ” That you did not get any food for lunch was good for you. Since the last remains of the food was contaminated with poisonous substance ( Eli Pashanam ) by accident and if you had consumed that food a dark hour will have been written for you. Forseeing this impending death, I prevented you from taking the food.

Rajarajan : With strong feelings he mutters hmm … hmm … hmm …

God Hanuman : The person from the bank gave you false promises which would have trapped you in the end of the deal. I made your phone inactive only to save you from that danger.

Rajarajan : He again mutters hmm … hmm …

God Hanuman : There has been earth leakage in the power switch of A/C and TV and if you had touched the switch after cleaning your hands with moist fingers, you would have been thrown off by the strong electric shock. To save you from that danger, I made the power switch inactive.

You are wrong and possibly mistaken that not having prayed with due devotion has caused all these troubles. But, you should remember that because of your sincere prayer everyday earlier, you have been saved. I did not fail to protect you from all dangers.

Rajarajan : Oh, God, you have been so kind to me to save me from all these dangers. Where did you disappear on the day of my marriage ? I couldn’t speak to you then.

God Hanuman gave him a strong reply : Oh, my son, ” YOU STARTED PRAYING ONLY AFTER MARRIAGE , DON’T YOU KNOW ? “

” Dieu avec nous “

Monday, February 15, 2021 – 2.39 p.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” You may forget God, but God will not forget you “. ” God will test you, but never will forsake you “.


” Be Young in Old Age ” – February 5, 2021.

Matsuo Basho’s Japanese folk tales make for an excellent read. In his tale of “The Aged Mother”, he narrates the story of an unkind, despotic ruler of the province, Shining, in Japan, who issues cruel orders including one that demands all the ‘Old folks’ to be abandoned or left to die without support.

This was in the 17th Century and such barbarous acts were not uncommon. Total obeisance to the mandate of the ruler was the norm. A poor farmer who lived with his aged MOTHER was shaken by the mandate issued and to protect his old mother he took her on a journey to the top of the mountain called ‘Obatsuyama’, the mountain of the abandoning of the aged. Suddenly with a change of mind, he brought her back home and hid her in the kitchen base, a place difficult to trace. Everyone thought that the old lady was abandoned in the mountain top. Time passed. The ruler sent another order for all his subjects to make a ‘rope of ashes’. Everyone trembled with fear. Who can ever make a ‘rope of ashes’? The farmer’s mother told her son to make a rope of twisted straw ; place it on a row of rocks ; burn it on a windless night ; and when the blaze dies down show the ruler the ash rope that would have formed. The ruler was astonished and when he learnt that the idea came from an ‘OLD MOTHER’, he realised that the country needs the WISDOM of the ELDERS more than the STRENGTH of the YOUTH. He welcomed every senior.

He also realised that ” wisdom awakens only when silver sprouts on the head “. In vernacular Tamil it is : ” Thalaiyil Velli Mulaikkumbodhu Than Vivekam Pirakkiradhu “.

In India, specially, when a person reaches the age of 60, he/she is dismissed simply as an elderly man/lady. Add to this the shortcomings of health/disease the urge to sideline them is imminent. In several instances, the disregard professionally and socially push these seniors to a mood of despondency even driving them to despair. Only a few in the society become an elderly statesmen.

Today’s bride will be tomorrow’s mother-in-law ; today’s groom will be tomorrow’s father-in-law – a normal progression in life that cannot be impeded or reversed.

” It is the greatness of rare, that having the friendship of great men to cherish “. In vernacular Tamil (Thirukkural) it is : “Ariyavattrulellam Arithey Periyaraip

Penith Thamaraga Kollal “. The great Tamil Poet, Thiruvalluvar, 2000 years ago, had spelt out the “future guidance” in life for all human beings.

A recent UN report records that the number of ‘Seniors’ will be increased by 46 % by 2030. From 943 million to 1.43 billion. Words of Seniors are generally sweet filled with ideas ; they may stammer or stutter but their guidance in shaping and developing others is enormous. Their participation in economic and social development in society cannot be easily discounted.

January 20, 2021, inauguration of Joe Biden (78) is not just a historical record for American Presidency but a strong realization of the importance of electing a person of great knowledge and experience who can make sensible decisions at a critical time in world history. At 20 he suffered facial muscle paralysis ; he overcame that successfully. When he was elected to the Senate, he lost his wife and daughter in a car accident ; he overcame that successfully. Later in life his son died of brain cancer ; he overcame that successfully. His second son was removed from service in American Navy for cocaine addiction ; he overcame that successfully. He ran for the American Presidency twice without success ; and finally he rose to the top position on January 20, 2021. His life is a great example of the physical and mental transformation of a Senior worthy of emulation. He swung himself into the saddle ready to be the aerial roots and the pole star guiding the course and destiny of not just American Citizens but most of the world as a Leader without parallel. Are you ready ? I am ready.

It is important for ordinary citizens to take advantage of all seniors (men and women) in the society without subjecting them to any form of Social Disease that may arise from rejection.

Herein lies our primary Treatment – a human treatment by humanitarian values constituting a human cure.

“Dieu avec nous”

Friday, February 5, 2021 – 10.53 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” Do not try to live for ever, you will not succeed ” – George Bernard Shaw.


” A Tribute to Mothers ” – February 4, 2021.

Preparations for the last stage of pregnancy were on for the lady about to deliver the child in the hospital.

With all relatives waiting outside the room, the lady in the room crying out of pain ratcheted up in labour.

The child in the womb of the mother hears some unusual sounds at the same time.

The child is worried as to what will happen to him/her, even while floating happily and pleasantly in the womb’s liquid environment until then. The child suddenly feels disturbed.

The child decides to ask God about it. Child in the womb and God can see each other extraordinarily.

Oh God ! I listen to some unusual sounds. Where are you planning to send me? I am perplexed, exclaims the child.

God said : “Oh my child, the time has come, when you will have to live with other human beings in the world.”

Child said : ” Oh God, I am happy here, why do I have to go out there?”

God said : ” Oh child, you have to go. You will be as happy as you are here. Don’t worry.”

Child said : ” Who will look after me there as you have done here ?”

God said : ” Don’t you worry child, I have arranged for an Angelic Goddess to take care of you. She will do everything for you. You will feel her love gratifying.”

Child said : ” I am too small. I can’t walk, I can’t speak. I can’t even understand the language they will speak. You are sending me there.”

God said : ” It is easy. The Angelic Goddess will take care of everything for you. She will teach you to speak, guide you to walk. Everything, everything she will do for you. Don’t you worry.”

Child : Not clear as to what it can ask further, continues routinely. ” What do I do if I want to talk to you ?”

God said : ” The Angelic Goddess will let you know what to do. How to reach me . Don’t worry.”

Child : ” I learn that there are bad people outside. Who will protect me ?”

God : ” The Angelic Goddess will protect you as I do here.”

Child : ” Will it not be possible for me to see and speak to you again?”

God : ” The Angelic Goddess will teach you all, my name, how to invoke me everyday. I will be with you all the time, but I will not be visible to you.”

Child : ” Hears more noises. God, please tell me the name of the Angelic Goddess at least.”

God : ” Oh mychild, be ready to leave this place. It is not important for you to know the name of the Goddess. You will call her “MOTHER”. The moment she sees you, she will cuddle affectionately, praise you with sweet words, feed you well, , always feel delighted seeing you, and give everything for you including her life if need be.” She is “MOTHER”.

” You need to remember this with a sense of greatest gratitude. As an infant, as a child, as an adult, wherever you are, whatever be the situation you are in, whatever be the consequences of the time, whatever be the intricate relationship with others. “

” Never speak in any manner of hurtful way to her anytime ” – This is my advice.

Child respectfully obliged and with a deep cry came out of the womb into the new fascinating world.


” Dieu avec nous “

Thursday, February 4, 2021 – 5.51 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” Mother is God “.