” A New Step in Public Health following Coronavirus ” – June 30, 2020.

         Answers to  “What after Corona?”  are being discussed by nations all over the World even as the world remains still focused on how to contain COVID-19. Nobody can exclude the possibility of our active participation in these discussions whether it is liked or disliked.

          It was on March 24 that the first Lockdown was announced by our PM. At that time the affected cases were only 544. Death toll was just 10. Today it has crossed 5 lakh cases with death toll touching 20000. It further increases with each passing day.

          Experts opine that the only solution to this problem is the discovery of a vaccine. Until then, the world will be a witness to changes in economic, political, and social activities.      

          Under the circumstances, post COVID-19 will be a new situation altogether. We need to be compelled and forced to formulate our approach based on the experience of the past 4 months when countries took initiatives to contain COVID-19 ;  the successes and failures of their actions ;  and the people perception regarding the same.

          In his address on May 12, PM Modi said :   “COVID-19 has given us an excellent opportunity to understand the disintegration of our Institutions, practices, and action plans that it has brought to bear.”  It means that our health facilities ;  health priorities ;  and arrangements or provisions could not meet Coronavirus challenge. Not just in India, even developed nations also feel the draught.

          Vietnam with a population of just 9 crore had only 355 cases reported without a single death. But, many nations including those with advanced facilities are struggling with high numbers. America, Britain, France, and Italy are some examples in this respect. That medical facilities and health protection has been largely left to the private/corporate Organisations was cited as the main reason for this ( Chomsky,  American expert ).

           The situation is not any different in India. After 1991-1992 (Liberalisation, Privatization, and Globalisation ) ,  General Medicine, Public Health, and Public Education have been witness to the successes of private organisations.

          In 1978 under the auspices of WHO an International Convention took place in Alma-Ata, Kazhakistan (then Old Soviet Union). India also participated in that Convention. One of the resolutions passed in that Convention pertains to  ” Free Health Facilities for All Before 2000 “. In 1981, then PM, Late Indira Gandhi, promised Free Health Services for All within 20 Years ;  i.e. before 2000.  That it has not happened in 20 years is not just a reality but the Governments after that did not even recognise the problem.

          Human Welfare is not just being in a state free of diseases, but constitutes the basic right of total health – physical, mental, social, and emotional.

          Basic Health Facilities constitute the following :  (1)  Creating awareness about individual and social needs ;  (2)  To engage in activities preventing spread of diseases ;  (3)  To provide medical support and facilities to those suffering from diseases ;  and  (4)  To rehabilitate those who suffered serious health inadequacies. It is only by satisfying these social needs of Citizens that solutions to problems can be achieved is the essence of that resolution in the Convention. It is not surprising to see that those countries which took immediate attention and effective steps could make good progress now in the control and containment of COVID-19.

          India allocates just 1%  of its GDP to Health and Public Safety. This works out to ₹ 1420/-  per person. In China every individual gets an equivalent of ₹ 18820/-.

          Despite repeated requests for increasing the allocation to 3% by various Political parties, the same has not been implemented yet.

          Kerala State makes a difference in this aspect. Its per person allocation stands at ₹ 2092/-  (2017-2018). In Bihar for comparison it is only ₹ 690/-. This is one reason why most states are falling behind in containment.

           Public Health has two facets :  (1)  Prevention of Diseases ;  and  (2)  Treatment of Diseases. That India lacks in Prevention of Diseases is clear. It is also equally clear that Treatment of Diseases have largely been taken over by the Corporates. Every individual in India spends 78% of the total cost of treatment. This needs to change. Experts like TCS Reddy, and Shashikant advocate the Government allocation for Public Health to be increased to 5%.

          The link between the Economic Policy followed and the neglect of Public Health is also evident. PM Modi has recently allocated ₹ 20 lakh crores for Coronavirus Control. Finance Minister, Smt Nirmala Sitaraman, announced several schemes following that during her meet with the Press for 5 days.  But the specific allocation for Public Health was not mentioned. “It will be examined”  was the reply.

          There is an urgent need to separate Public Health and Public Education from the principles of liberalised economic policy and treat them as the sole province and responsibility of the Central Government.

          If this can save the future generations from COVID-19 like pandemic and accompanying economic and health challenges it will be much like keeping our wits about us.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Tuesday, June 30, 2020 –  7.49 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” For he who has health has hope ;  and he who has hope has everything “. – Owen Arthur.


” Towards Rehabilitation of Migrants ” – June 30, 2020.

          That which started in Wuhan, China, is set to wreak havoc on the world economy for years now.

          In India, with a population of more than 130 crore people (next only to China) where COVID-19 is said to be reaching its peak displacing those who went from villages and towns to cities in search of jobs, people are being forced to return to their native heath in the last few months. Livelihood of about 4 crore migrants is still a question mark hanging over their future due to lockdown and economic slide.

          The Government for its part announced a scheme called, “Garibh Kalyan Rojghar Abhiyan” with an allocation of ₹ 50000 crore to make people in 116 districts (from Bihar, UP, MP, Rajasthan, Jharkhand, and Odisha) happier and full of hope.

          The scheme provides jobs in 25 categories for 25000 migrants from each district. Under the scheme Anganwadi Centres,  Gram Panchayats,  National Highway jobs, and Drinking Water Safety Programs will find these migrants executing tasks allotted to them. Government may take this initiative which began in Khagaria district in Bihar (inaugurated by PM Modi recently) to be expanded throughout the nation.

          In addition, to enable those who returned from the cities to villages (like the tailors, plumbers, cooking assistants, masonry workers) to secure a regular income they will be permitted to establish Cooperative Societies themselves. These Cooperative Societies will be the pillar of strength to them in expanding their jobs, or to sell their products at a decent profit.

          For e.g., a Society of tailors can attract orders not just from the local market but also from the neighbouring towns or cities. There are several Government Agencies that are ready to help the Cooperative Societies whenever they are formed. It is also a necessity. For them, Cooperative Banks are also functioning in most localities to help these Societies with funds and loans.

          According to Indian Cooperative Societies Rules, 1912,  at least 10 members 18 years or above can form a Cooperative Society. In cities the migrants engage themselves in  seasonal jobs (in marriage and other functions) like Cooking, Serving,  Stage Decoration, and light music performances.

          COVID-19 pandemic driven migrants as above can join their respective Cooperative Societies or Unions and pursue their lives. Even those finding difficulties in securing jobs in villages after return can seek suitable employment with authority (backed by their experience in cities) to lead a decent and respectable life. National Cooperative Union,  Employees Union, and Self Service Organisations will be ready to lend a helping hand to them through proper guidance and assistance.

          Cooperative Societies have witnessed phenomenal growth in India for many years. An excellent example of this is the Amul Milk Products Cooperative Society in Anand, Gujarat, started in 1946. It helped sow the seeds for the White Revolution in India. About 35 lakh milk producers (from 18700 villages) are members of the Society.

          About 2 crore 30 lakh liters of milk is procured from these members each day. Amul Milk Products Marketing Association has earned ₹ 38550 crores in revenue till March 31 (for 2019-2020). Out of this 80% has been distributed to the members of the Cooperative Society as milk procurement price plus bonus.

          MGNREGA, a program passed in September 2005 and designed to eradicate poverty and many such programs ( to guarantee the right to work ) may be doing an exemplary job today, but their sustenance over the long term vis-a-vis their effectiveness has always remained uncertain. In the short term they are of great help. Hence, the need for Cooperative Societies in a big way :  (a)  to satisfy the needs of cities from the villages ;  (b)  to control the population in cities ; and  (c)  to uplift the downtrodden in villages with a decent living.

          In doing so,  “a fair wage for a fair/equal work”  can be attained even while contributing significantly and effectively to the National GDP.

          Also, it will ensure protection from unfair practices/exploitation to the employees when they work in the name of  ‘Union’  with legal recognition.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Tuesday, June 30, 2020 –  4.59 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” The greatest nations are defined by how they treat their weakest inhabitants “. –  Jorge Ramos.



” Shut Your Eyes to the ‘ Virus Shut Out’ ” – June 30, 2020.

        COVID-19 has created an unusual and uncommon environment in the World.

          On the one hand, it has spurred the research institutions and laboratories around the world to concentrate their efforts in finding a suitable drug. More than 150 drugs in pipeline are being monitored closely for their trials and effectiveness. Oxford University’s Dexamethasone leads in the race for COVID-19 treatment as at present. Remdesivir and Hydroxychloroquine are the other two drugs in sensational reviews and discussions at this moment. It is a curious paradox that opposite views are stated in reports creating ambiguity. It also increases the need for finding a cure urgently.

          On the other hand, taking advantage of the present situation with great vigour, fraudsters have emerged on the scene with claims of alternative therapy or cure. Ignorant of technology and events going on in this world, people fall prey to the trickery of these men and lose their savings.

          The brief account below is how people get tricked to part with their money :

          ” Virus Shut Out ”  is the new villain in the market for Coronavirus. ” You hang this device around your neck and you will be rid of Coronavirus ” – is the claim of the manufacturer. At ₹ 975/-  this is my saviour is what you will hope as a customer. Far from it. You are only wringing your neck instead. As customers flock to buy this in droves, the manufacturers are making hay with the shining sun. They profit heavily and customers lose badly. It neither protects anyone from Coronavirus nor does it ease your difficulties. It only breeds false hopes.

          This Japan made  ” Virus Shut Out ”  comes out with the big announcement that it can help contain Coronavirus spread. Sales in Hong Kong is huge. Though it is supposed to have been banned in Asia, several countries including India report heavy absolute sales. “Buy this and hang it around your neck”,  has become more than just a fad. Faith and belief drawn among people for this is unbelievable.

          Manufacturers of this product also claim that :  ” it can suck bacteria from the minute particles in the air and prevent the spread completely. This is experimentally proved. It reduces the chances of contracting the virus greatly. Affected patients, seniors/elders,  kids,  and those with immunodeficiency can use this with benefits “.

          According to the Virologist, Davison, in Hong Kong, it works to the contrary. “Virus Shut Out”  contains chlorine dioxide. If the device is held near nose or mouth one is likely to inhale chlorine dioxide causing difficulties in breathing. Burning sensation and itching will be the immediate effect. Chlorine dioxide is generally used to remove the germs from hard skin/surfaces and to repel flying insects.  For Coronavirus containment it is completely ineffective. Further, this product has been banned by  e-Bay,  and  FB too. Vietnam and Thailand officials have seized the product from the market.

          Hong Kong customs,tariffs, and excise officials, while calling this a  ‘ wrong business practice’ also add that inquires are on already. It is against law and conviction can result in 5 years of imprisonment  or  5,00,000 Hong Kong dollars in fine.

          COVID-19 has afforded an opportunity for fraudsters to engage in malpractices playing with the lives of people.

          It is simply a manifestation of the ignorance of people.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Tuesday, June 30,  2020 –  10.59 a.m.

   Tidbit : ” Deceiving others. That is what the world calls a romance ”  –  Oscar Wilde.



” Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained – Indian Approach for COVID-19 Treatment ” – June 29, 2020.

       COVID-19 pandemic impact has reached the 8 digit figure now. There is no clear, visible, or encouraging sign that COVID-19 will be contained in the immediate future. It still exists and it may spread further. Search for a suitable vaccine has begun since March. Trials, tests, and a level of manufacturing will take at least a few months – until September.

          The present status of treatment for COVID-19 follows the approaches adopted during SAARS, flu, and other such infectious diseases. Hydroxychloroquine used  successfully to treat malaria patients in the past is also encouraged for use now. Dexamethasone and Remdesivir are the drugs that are also finding application now. But none of these drugs are yet to be accepted firmly by the medical authorities as the perfect drug for COVID-19 Treatment.

          The present status of treatment is mostly based on experience and inferences without a firm, effective cure for COVID-19. The search for a cure continues. That COVID-19 affects the lungs is a known fact. Hence, Oxygen treatment has also been attempted. Individuals with better immune system and immune response fare better than those who are immunodeficient. This is the reality.

          A comparison of the number of people who succumbed to this disease places India in a proud position. Average number of deaths per lakh cases in the World is 6.04. For India it is a lowly 1.6. According to statistics reported by the WHO on June 22 (report no. 154) –  Britain stands at 63.13 ;  Spain at  60.6 ;  America at  36.30 ;  Germany at  27.32 ;  and Brazil at  23.68. The reason for India’s low rate is not difficult to understand.

          Our food habits and consumption patterns explain themselves clearly. The entire world is astounded at this information. Turmeric, pepper, and traditional soup using tamarind juice have the ability to fight the diseases in general. Milk mixed with turmeric and pepper ; gooseberries (Amla) ;  and lemon juice enhance our immune responses substantially. Advertisements on TV, Social Media, attracting the attention of people help promote the uses these have in our daily lives. The key benefits such as immunity are highlighted in the advertisements. Compare this with the advertisements for Horlicks, Boost, or Complan which mention in general about health but not in terms of immunity to diseases.

          Everyone may be aware of the fact that in India, Kerala State, stands as a model for “Successful fight against COVID-19”. The Government distributes Homeopathic tablets free to all individuals. Nila vembu powder/juice (neem of the ground) ;  Kabasura kudineer Chooram (popular in Siddha Medicine for its anti inflammatory, anti pyretic, and anti bacterial effects) (International Journal of Current Advanced Research, 2018) are prescribed for the management and protection of Flu …  Ayush Ministry recommends yogasanas and breathing exercises for health daily. Significant to note is the fact that these have not taken their path through research labs and to raise questions on their effectiveness is without meaning. It is the pride of India and these are put down to experience. It is the experiential knowledge of practising methods in Medicine. They come with no side effects. They are not simply a mixture of chemicals. They are natural remedies.

          Our Siddha, Ayurveda, and Homeopathic medicines are formulated and made with just thousands of rupees in expenses and made available to the public at reasonable cost unlike the multinational pharmaceuticals spending several crores of rupees and months of time for bringing out a medicine to the market with the ultimate aim of making lakhs of crores in profits. Side effects – a big yes!

          Dr MGR Medical University, Chennai, in their research have detailed in great manner the benefits of Indian gall nut ;  Indian borage (Karpooravalli) ;  Chitharathai powder ;  and  Sage leaved Alangium (azhinjil) for the treatment of COVID-19.  Patanjali (Baba Ramdev) has recently announced the Ayurveda Treatment for COVID-19 (Coronil kit).  With Basil leaves and Ashwagandha as ingredients even if it is not totally successful, it can still be a relief  without side effects. That it didn’t send the drug to the Ayush Ministry for research and approval has been the simple but huge mistake in creating debate and dispute problems.

          But this should not be a deterrent to our Ayurveda Specialists in seeking to find a cure for COVID-19. It is venturing into research on this, that will be regarded as most important.

          It is our fantasy and futile imagination for the Western Society and products that belittle our achievements, natural abilities, and pride of Indian soil.


   ” Dieu avec nous”

   Monday, June 29, 2020 – 11.19 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” A bird in hand is worth two in the bush ” – Proverb.



” Where There is Will, There is a Way – Problem of Bank Loans ” – June 26, 2020.

        The first worry for people when COVID-19 induced Lockdown happened in March must surely have been related to the repayment of loans to the banks and other financial institutions.

          That bank loans have become a necessity for all loans in respect of house, land, vehicles, and household appliances is the sole reason for this worry.

          Non payment of interest on loans will mark the defaulting individual as  “defaulting borrower”  or  ” defaulter of loan repayments”  resulting in withdrawal of facility to seek further loans. In consideration of the prevailing situation marked by job losses and salary declines,  RBI has extended the concession of three months offered for repayment of interest  earlier in March uptil August now. Another three months’  solace in effect.

             The above announcements made the middle income groups and monthly earners better placed to take advantage of the relaxation. They felt happy initially. Soon, they cracked under the strain of anxiety and disappointment once they learned the full details.

             The concession did not pertain to the amount of interest to be paid every month or the installment itself. ‘One will feel the release of burden only when the installments are paid regularly’  – this fact was made clear to them. It was only a deviation allowing one to pay after 6 months and not a complete reversal or a complete discount. Further, the amount not paid due to this deviation will be added once the payment will start after 6 months  is viewed as an added misery.

          This problem is now before the Supreme Court for remedy. Tushar Mehta, the Government advocate, made it known that  ” if time is sought for repayment, the borrowers will have to pay for the charges/fees”.

          ” Having announced the benefits of loan installment payment, stating that it is a problem between banks and borrower’s/customers now is akin to washing  its hands of the problem ” – according to the Supreme Court judges. This is also a true reflection of people’s conscience.

           There is a basic problem behind this argument. That a complete reversal or discount of the installment payment will leave the banks in ruins cannot be disputed.

           About three fourths of loans in financial institutions, and two thirds of loans in public sector banks come under the above category announced by the RBI and the Government. About 10 lakh crores of bank loans constitute NPAs, and about 3 lakh crores in financial institutions are again in this category. 

           Ideally,  the Finance Minister and RBI should have taken a prudent approach to this problem prior to the announcement of the concession. Banks should have been consulted duly much earlier with proper planning before the concession has been announced. This is in hindsight.

               The question arises if loan defaulters can be classed as fraudsters ;  the question arises if the present situation can be compared to one where a natural disaster causes the loss of cash/jewels from the safety lockers in banks ;  the question arises if this can be classed as a situation beyond anybody’s control (except God!) and so cannot make anyone burdensome.

           Defaulting big organisations in normal times gain the luxury of restructuring a portion of the principal amount with interest discount. When the defaulters abscond, banks are forced to take the responsibility. Agricultural loans are waived. These are common problems for banks. 

           Is discounting the interest for six months a fair solution ?  Can that be included as an absolute gift from the hands of the Government?  Will it safeguard the interests of banks as well as borrowers ?  

          Care of Government for the welfare of common Citizens should be the primary factor in the decision of the Government.

          Supreme Court hearing on this is postponed to August now.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, June 26, 2020 –  12.01 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” There are two sure ways to lose a friend;  one is to borrow, the other to lend “.  –  Patrick Rothfuss.


” Enhance Skills and Attitude, Jobs to flow in India itself ” – June 26, 2020.

       The most recent Executive Order signed by the US President, Donald Trump, temporarily halting visas like the H-1B for the highly skilled workers along with several other visa programs are supposed to last till this year end. It is shocking and upsetting to specially the youngsters with IT skills from India.

           President, Donald Trump,  has his reasons for doing this :  COVID-19 has affected the livelihood of the American people ;  Lakhs of people remain deprived of Jobs ;  Americans are competing against people of other nations in almost all sectors of economy in the job market ;  Even for temporary jobs there are too many outsiders competing to attract American employers.

          Unemployment in America has soared 4 times during this period – February to May – and it stands at 13.3%  now. The same in the tech sector is only 2.8% . America’s success in Science Development, and new tech innovations have largely been due to the contribution of immigrants. Computer tech, Communication, Space research, and Medical research are just a few fields where their contributions are immense. The move to suspend H1B visas probably smacks of the hypocrisy of politicians.

          Nobel laureates Hargobind Khurana ;  Subrahmanyam Chandrasekhar ;  Amartya Sen ; and Abhijit Banerjee are all Indians who migrated to America and earned accolades for their work in an environment known to be existing only in America. 

          Youth from Asian countries, specially Indians, leave for America lured by the environment promoting merit based work with no consideration whatsoever for ethnic, caste, or religious differences. Hence, the loss to a great extent will be felt by America only. Somebody’s loss is somebody else’s gain. Canada, Australia and other countries will benefit more now. China too can benefit.

          Organisations like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and HCL engaged in expanding their business and trade as well as planning for new business plans, however,  will be impacted seriously.

           Wall Street Journal has also reported that during this period about 3 crore people have lost their jobs in the workers’  category. Dissenting voices are already in the air that outsiders are becoming successful in securing the jobs that would otherwise have gone to Americans. Citizens urge President Donald Trump on to redress the balance. Donald Trump also raised his  “America First”  slogan in response. The present action of President, Donald Trump, to stop the visas till the end of this year will likely secure 5,25,000 jobs according to the officials.

           H-1B visa  is issued to those individuals from other countries finding jobs in American Organisations ;  H4  visa is issued to their spouses and children ;  H-2B  visa is for short term manual labour ;  J-1  visa is for students pursuing education, research, and culture in America ;  J-2  visa is for their spouses ;  and  L-1  visa is for individuals working in Organisations within as per exchange terms, (Internal Company Transfers).

          American Embassies in countries outside issue about 85000  H-1B  visas every year. Out of these, 70% are secured by Indians. President, Donald Trump’s announcement will cause hardship to Indians in particular. About 20 lakh Indians will be affected according to one survey.

          President, Donald Trump’s announcement will be a bitter disappointment cum bad dream for the youngsters seeking jobs in America. Organisations/enterprises are willing to provide opportunities for the interested to work and perform tasks from India itself. It means that American customer organisations and other technological enterprises could allot the jobs to similar organisations in India itself to benefit our individuals. Under the circumstances the opportunity for job growth in India is only encouraging, to say the least. This is also the general perception now.

          Hence,  it is imperative that individuals remain focused on enhancing their skill attributes and be prepared for jobs here itself without much entertaining hopes of moving to America. It is also the reality that India, a strong base for communication and technology skills and enterprise, will find new opportunities with no dearth of employment/career prospects.

          Youngsters can have their hearts set on a good future without losing hope here itself.

          From September 22, 2019,  in Houston, along with PM Modi on stage, seeking India’s support (273 days before) ;  From February 24, 2020, in Ahmedabad, along with PM Modi on stage again exchanging pleasantries (120 days before) ;   To June 23, 2020,  when the decision of suspension of visas was announced suddenly –  what to make of this ?

   All that glitters is not Gold ;

   All good that must come to an end ;  or

   All hat and no cattle ?


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Friday, June 26, 2020 –  7.19 a.m. (IST). 

   Tidbit : ” Always be smarter than the people who hire you ”  –  Lena Horne.


” UNSC Permanent Member – Rational Target Within Bounds for India ” – June 25, 2020.

        “Problems are the price of Progress”. India earned a good news worthy of acceptation amidst a host of challenges it has been countering like the rising COVID-19 public health cases ;  accompanying economic slide ;  job losses ;  productivity decline ;  and border problems with China and Nepal confronting the nation. The good news is that India has been elected unopposed to UNSC’s non permanent member seat on Wednesday,  June 17, 2020, for a two year term beginning January 1, 2021.

          That s is not new. India has held this coveted position 7 times earlier. But the victory of this year is markedly different from the earlier ones in at least one respect. ” This is a planned Victory”.

          The five permanent members of the UNSC are America, Britain, France, Russia, and China. They hold the right to reject the decisions/resolutions made in the UN. Non permanent members from the different regions of the world who get selected in rotation do not hold this right.

          Mexico has earned its seat from Latin America ;  Western Europe has been represented by Norway, and Ireland ;  Canada, however, missed the seat this time. Kenya and Djibouti face the election for the African Union.

          In the Asia-Pacific region there are 55 nations including India representing the UNSC. Afghanistan’s withdrawal in favour of India helped India secure the seat on its own. It secured the support of 184 countries out of 192 member  countries. It is also significant to note that India’s selection was not opposed by either China or Pakistan.

           India’s victory has other reasons too. (1) Its strength in depth is enhanced by the 77 developing nations ;  and (2) the good relationship maintained constitutionally with the 5 permanent members of the UNSC. 

          India’s support, emphasis, and insistence paved the way for the entry of China in UNSC as a permanent member. But India lacking the support of China (the only country out of the 5 permanent members) coupled with its strong opposition has been the singular focus in that India still does not find itself a “Permanent Member” of the UNSC. This, despite the other 4 nations ( America, Britain, Russia, and France ) supporting it for years.

          Reforms in UN ; including India and Japan as permanent members of UNSC ;  and several other requests have been stalled due to the persistent rejections of China.

          India can function effectively with the non permanent member status to bring about changes. International rules, discipline, order, and relationships seem to lurch from crisis to crisis due to COVID-19. Differences of opinion between America and China ;  the trade war ;  and combative spirit have caused dangers to the extent of dissrupting the International institutions. World Trade Organisation, and World Health Organisation have already been shaken and upset badly already.

          Since the World War II and the Soviet Union split, the whole context and circumstances of relationships in the world have been scattered like the gooseberries from their strings with potential for the nations to act independently of one another. Under the circumstances, securing the support of 184 out of 192 nations by India behoves it to act carefully and productively as a bridge between contesting nations.

          On earlier occasions when India held this non permanent seat it had to hold a neutral tone voice without expressing any strong feelings. With the aim of preserving International Peace and International Justice in this time of crisis, India should make clear its position on all issues. India should boldly undertake to deliver Unity amongst the big nations in international ideas, concepts, and opinions.

          In doing so, India should also establish its unfettered right to be a permanent member of UNSC.

          India’s non permanent member status in UNSC is a sign of the fact that its aim of becoming a Permanent Member of UNSC is within arm’ s reach.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Thursday, June 25, 2020 –  10.59 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Peace is not made at the Council table or by Treaties, but in the hearts of men ”  –  Herbert Hoover.



” India’s Voice of Condemnation to China Needed ” – June 24, 2020.

          Union Defence Minister, Sri Rajnath Singh, is in Moscow on his 3 day visit to attend the Victory Day Parade on Wednesday.

          World War II  that began on September 1, 1939,  ended on September 2, 1945. Most nations of the world experienced the panic, stress, pain, trauma, and other difficulties of its after effects in serious measures. To say that it even influenced the way we think, work, and behave may be stating the obvious. It was experiential knowledge in effect.  World War I  and  World War II  were the results of imperialism, and monarchy of the much developed European nations of the day. Germany lost badly in both these wars.

          That Germany became an all powerful nation after World War I  under the autocratic leader Hitler was the Wonder of the World. Hitler vowed to be revenged on his political enemies that set the scene for World War II. Germany’s attack against Poland marked the beginning of World War II. England and France declared war against Germany. Japan and Italy stood behind Germany. It was the Japan, Italy, Germany Axis  vs  the Allies of England, France, America, Russia, China  …

          About 4 to 5 crores of people lost their lives in this War. In the end, Germany lost to Russia. Moving to the west the Russian forces captured Berlin. Hitler was said to have committed suicide. Russia celebrates this  Victory  every year. As 2020 happens to be the 75th year of that victory, the celebrations are planned in a grand manner in Moscow.

          During the World War II, India was under the control of England and Indian Army, specially, the Sikh Regiment, participated with vigor in the  War against Germany.

          Several national leaders have been invited to the celebrations in Moscow. Significant to note is the fact that the Indian participation of 75  personnel from the Air Force, Navy, and Army along with a Sikh Contingent enhancing our pride.

          China has also been invited to this celebration. China’s Defence Minister, Wei Fenghe, is expected to lead the Chinese participation. There are no planned talks between the Defence Ministers of India and China during this visit. But, the possibility of a direct meeting or a conversation between them still exists. In the event of a meeting fructifying, Union Minister, Sri Rajanath Singh, will have the best opportunity to express our stern opposition and strong condemnation to the Chinese act in Galwan Valley last week. A decision on this, however, rests with the Indian Government.

          Our Foreign Minister, Dr S Jaishankar, has already expressed our severe opposition in this respect to his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi (Foreign Minister of the Peoples’ Republic of China).

          The meet between the Army Generals of India and China the day before yesterday after 11 a.m. has been successful in detailing the process of disengagement in respect of the areas and categories clearly. Union Defence Minister, Sri Rajnath Singh, may explore the possibilities, possible components, and options for emphasis on this too in Moscow.

          INDIA’s   strong voice  of  Condemnation from all quarters should be Communicated to CHINA.


   “Dieu avec nous “

   Wednesday, June 24, 2020 –  9.09 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” I prefer condemnation to condolences”  –   Golda Meir.




” Voice of Reason and Conscience from People ” – June 23, 2020.

        The tragic event last Monday (June 15, 2020) in Galwan Valley which took the lives of 20 Indian army personnel including Col Santhosh Babu and ‘Havaldar’ Pazhani (Tamil Nadu)  will live in our memories for many years to come.

          Galwan is a name to conjure with among the ‘guides’  in the area of Ladakh and the valley earned its name from the ‘guide’  who lived there more than 100 years ago by the name Ghulam Rasool Galwan.

          In the beginning of the 20th Century (1900s) adventurous journeys by the English tourists in this area was very common. Galwan, the guide, used to show them around many interesting places then. On one such occasion 4 Chinese military personnel on horseback brutally attacked a group of tourists guided by Galwan. Galwan lost his life in that melee. This incident has been reported in Government records.

          Chinese encroachment in Galwan Valley is more than 120 years old. India needs to assert its  right to the status of Galwan Valley without any ambiguity. Annoying behavior and trespassing by Chinese cannot be watched patiently for long. Trade relations need to be severely restricted. Boycotting Chinese products is a way forward in this is how people give voice to their opinions. This has also been a regular feature whenever China attacks India. But now the voices rise in a crescendo reaching a point of serious consideration. Cancellation of the agreement between the UP State and China in setting up signals between railway stations is the beginning of the end in this respect.

          India imports more from China than it exports. The gap between exports and imports is about $ 5360 crore every year. Hence, China benefits greatly from India in terms of net revenue. India imports nearly 75% of Chinese toys ;  28% of fertilizers ;  65 to 75% of raw materials for drugs ;  and 45% of electronic equipments from China.

          A decision to ban import from China will mean a green signal for importing the same items from other countries. But, to establish that pattern, time is a crucial factor. India may also have to expend more in achieving that. MSMEs have already cautioned  that such a ban will result in at least 40% increase in prices of several items. It means a willingness on the part of people of India to make the Supreme sacrifice to sustain nationalist fervor and patriotism.

          Many may be familiar with the calls of ” Be Indian, Buy Indian”  years ago during the period of Emergency. Now PM Modi, while infusing fresh enthusiasm and anxiety, has raised its festivity through programs as “Make in India”,  and  “Self Reliant India”.  Hence, the Government is on this big move of making everything we want in India itself at lightning speed.

          It is important that people pay respect and extend their cooperation in all major constructive activities that the Government embarks on as our patriotic duty and as Citizens prepare to defend the country against an enemy.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Tuesday, June 23, 2020 –  8.39 a.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” We cannot have peace in India until we learn to speak with one voice “.




” Father’s Day – My Father has been a Silent Treasure ” – June 21, 2020.

V Srinivasan

My father is no more ;  but he will remain with me forever as my hero.

          I wish to cite 5 great qualities of my father, late V. Srinivasan, in recognition of his honorable fatherhood.

          1.  125 %  efficiency was his mantra for commendation, admiration, and praise he received from his superiors ;

                125 %  efficiency was his mantra for his department proving more effective than even ‘hope’ ;

                125 %  efficiency was his mantra for making his department cost effective and competence effective ;

                125 %  efficiency was his mantra to organize tasks and activities effectively .

          2.     Music, the career that he sacrificed for the family ;

                   Music,  the popularity that his community lost of Mozart ;

                   Music,  the bond that he created with fellow human beings ;

                   Music,  the communication that he set to everyone’s ears .

          3.    Cycling,  under the stars or the shining sky kept his brown tan through ;

                   Cycling,  to travel from point A to point B kept him as fit as a fiddle ;

                    Cycling,  with no worry about fuel kept him the Master of Environment ;

                    Cycling,  on the special parts of roads kept him better prepared to be always on cycle path .

          4.    Spiritualism,  the power that he wielded in sending messages to all children ;

                  Spiritualism,  is how he used his music through his life’s journey ;

                  Spiritualism,  is how he made values shine on lives of everyone around him ;

                  Spiritualism,  is how he shared his ideas and attitudes of people in his community.

          5.    His  devotion to life and family has always been touching, to say the least ;

                   His  devotion to job and duty despite leaving little free time for family was impressive, to say the least ;

                   His  devotion to principles of life and work – truth and integrity –  was respected earnestly by everyone, to say the least ;  and

                    His devotion to religious services and prayers through music was exceptional, to say the least.

          This was how he nurtured his Six  Children and helped build his community. 

          May memories and love of all of us, six children surround you as relics of veneration.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Sunday, June 21,  2020 –  10.49 a.m.  (IST)

   Tidbit  : ” A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow “.