” Today’s Disregard will be Tomorrow’s Disappointment – Desert Locusts Swarm ” – May 31, 2020.

“Desert Locusts”

The world is facing a host of challenges since the beginning of 2020. COVID-19 presented its demonic appearance throughout the world. The consequences will be grave if nothing is done. While the entire nation is struggling to tide over the difficulty, the next attack made its presence through the atmosphere. If we’re fighting a war against an invisible enemy that is COVID-19 earlier (fight still continues), it is now a war against a visible army of  “Desert Locusts”.

          Migrating from Somalia and Ethiopia through Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, the  ‘desert locusts’  found its entry into Rajasthan and Gujarat. They cause severe damage to the crops and trees in the areas. It is something that has been happening for years. Usually it will begin in July and the trend will continue for a few months. This year it has started in April itself. Farmers remain frightened. Administrators everywhere upto their ears in meeting the challenges of COVID-19 not just failed to set their ears to the ground but closed their ears too.

          Result  :  The desert locusts have crossed the borders of Rajasthan and Gujarat now. These locusts do not migrate in small numbers ( of 10s or 100s or even 1000s ) but in ‘crores’. One single group of army will have even 1000 crore locusts. They can travel atleast 150 km per day. In favorable wind conditions they can go over a very long distance at speeds of 200 km per day. A fully grown locust will consume its equivalent weight of food per day, ie. about 2 grams. They can destroy food that 35000 humans can live with.

          The present Swarm of locusts has not been seen in the last 30 years. Farmers in North India specially are deeply and adversely affected by this danger which holds the potential to alter their behaviors in these circumstances.

          Neighbouring States and even States that remain a long distance away cannot remain complacent. Significant to note is the fact that in Nilgiris (Tamil nadu)  desert locusts have already been spotted. The usual tendency is to mistake them for the local ones.

          Without repeating the mistakes of COVID-19 containment, all authorities concerned (local, state, and regional) should be willing to plan extreme or even surprising limits in dealing with these cases.

          “Threat of widespread Famine is perhaps real “.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Sunday, May 31, 2020  –  5.49 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit  :  ” They that die by famine die by inches “.


” Corona Action for India – ‘Open Sesame .. ‘ ” – May 30, 2020.

If the  ‘Corona cases’  in India are growing significantly,  ‘people concern’  for safety and household economy are growing dramatically. It is becoming increasingly clear that the problem will not be solved early. Some organisations are doing incredibly important work in a way that is difficult to believe in these times, however.

          4th  Lockdown allowed things and people to go through without being blocked seriously. For those who only had the books laid open on the table inside the house, it was like the Castle gates swinging open. Opened shops, opened Institutions, opened air travel …  …  In most places, however, train and bus services haven’t started.

          Employees are put in a difficult situation to make their choices of proceeding to the Institutions which only can earn their bread and butter. If this is the case with the middle income society, businesses, and shops it is hard to imagine what it will be like to the poor, daily wage earners, micro/small enterprise employees and the likes. What the situation will be like in the future ?

          The government had earlier announced a relief program covering a host of schemes for people during this critical period. Social justice is probably the aim. Some states like Tamil nadu distribute rice, pulses, and oil free for the people. But, people in general are struggling to get the real answer how in exact terms they will benefit and whether consistently enough to tide over their difficulties into the future. This is something that no one can answer satisfactorily.

          It is at this juncture that the Congress Party advocates rewarding those affected by Coronavirus, a sum of Rs 7500/- per month for 6  months including an immediate relief of Rs 10000/-.  Effectively the Government needs to keep the treasury wide open for this. But the need to even debate and discept if this is at all vital/extremely important is not necessary. Essentially, what it means is that the leaders must change/shift their priorities. 

           The Rs 20 lakh gift constitutes 10% of our GDP, say experts. Given here is the percentage of GDP spent by several countries to survive this crisis :  UK, 26% ;  Germany, 23%  ;  Australia, 17.5% ;  Spain, 16.5% ;  France, 15.5% ;  Canada, 15% ;  US, 14.5% ;  Singapore, 11.5% ;  UAE, 7.5% ;  New Zealand, 3.5% ;  China, 2.5% ; Italy, 2% ; and Brazil, 2% ;  South Korea, 1.8% ; and Japan,  0.5% . The money is meant to maintain financial stability,  household economic welfare in survival efforts. Three countries, Australia (with 17.5% of GDP);  New Zealand ( with 3.5% of GDP);  and  China (with 2.5% of GDP) have achieved excellent Control according to world renowned researchers/consultants. These are also the countries where ‘people perception’  in terms of a rebounding economy in future is strong.

          This raises the question whether doling out money is the only means to keep effective control of COVID-19. The three countries cited above are the ones which recognised and took steps (social distancing, testing, and tracing) much earlier than others.

          India faces a situation where Peoples’ response to money is the highest, and receptivity to change do not come easily.

          5th Lockdown will be announced tomorrow.  The Government is left with the sole plan of action of  ” OPEN  SESAME  … ”  now to avert a situation that was never known before,  a situation that never happened before,  or a situation where actions have been carried out before to take as guideposts.


   ” Dieu avec nous”

   Saturday, May 30, 2020 – 7.49 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit :. ”  INDIA  –  COVID-19  cases 160979 ; Deaths – 4706 ;   CHINA  –  COVID-19   cases  84106 ;  Deaths – 4638  ;  AMERICA  –  COVID-19  cases  1768461 ;  Deaths – more than 100000. “




” PM Modi – a Vignette ” – May 25, 2020.

1.  (a)  Political  “MESSIAH”  who carries out reforms with zeal ;

(b)  Embodiment of India’s  “MAGNA CARTA”  reworking the rights of people ;

(c)  Wedded to  “MALTHUSIAN”  principles in navigating the practical difficulties in economy ;

(d)  “MUNIFICENT”  patron uniting India’s fundamental issues of identity and freedom with citizens .

2.   (a)  His  “OPTIMISM”  and ability to view the best for people in any situation ring new hopes among Citizens ;

(b)  His  “ORIGINALITY”  in ideas and thoughts gaining clarity with fresh eyes is the crux of success ;

(c)  His  “ORGANISED”  body of stewards working together efficiently is a model to emulate ;

(d)  His  “ORATORICAL”  skills combined with the predominant influence he held raised him to eminence ;

3.  (a)  He is literally a human “DYNAMO” with exceptional energy to make things happen and to get things succeed ;

(b)  He is a person “DRIVEN”  by character, craving for Service, and overweening desire for nationalism ;

(c)  He is so work and event centric that our people are lucky to have found the man of their “DREAMS” ;

(d)  He dominates pleasantly every act of performance with India’s rise to Global “DOMINANCE”  as his main objective .

4.    (a)  He is well experienced and well “INFORMED” to rewrite the history of new India during his term ;

(b)  His policy “INITIATIVES”  to improve citizen welfare always found the opportunity to gain early advantages in society ;

(c)  His characteristic measures were those concerned with safety, energy, and security  “INNOVATION”  that directed all his efforts ;

(d)  His ability to raise the confidence of people as a figure of authority makes him the greatest “INSPIRATIONAL”  leader in the world.


“Dieu avec nous”

Monday, May 25, 2020 –  10.23 a.m.

Tidbit :  ” Hard work is satisfying “




” Salutations to My Mother ” – Mother’s Day – May 10, 2020.

V. Komallavalli. 1932 – 2017.

1.  ” We, six children, learnt the basics of respect and worship at our mother’s knee ;

Our emotional connection with mother is that which we hold for our mother country ;

She has been a real mother figure not just for our family, but for the community we lived in ;

Who else but mother can nurture, look after with care, and keep us safe & healthy as a good citizen better than her ;

Salutations to Mother on this day .”

2.  ” I regard my mother as my first Guru ;

What better qualities I possess and what better credentials I held in my career are due to my mother ;

She ensured that I received good Education with little hurdles ;

She felt that Education and practice is the only means by which all boys and girls can be brought together ;

Salutations to Mother on this day “.

3.  ” Mother faced hindrances in finding time for us, children, but she never let the hindrances be an obstacle race for our growth ;

She never made us, children, 4 boys and 2 girls, feel any sense of inequality a noticeable difference in life ;

She made us all feel equal, and we still feel equal ;

It is the pain of becoming a mother that every mother relishes ;

Salutations to Mother on this day. “

4.  ” Everyone of us, six children, is witness to Mother’s fight for our rights and freedom at home ;

True to the general saying that mothers all over the world fight for their children’s welfare ;

Mother’s know the value of  freedom of every one of us better than most individuals ;

So, this time, all six children with love say, “thank you” to Mother in heaven’s throne ;

Salutations to Mother on this day .”

5.  ” Nobody can prepare better food for children than their mother ;

Ahem, my mother was right there everytime we took food ;

Yet another occasion for us, children, to say  “thank you”  whenever we have tasty food ;

Ensuring the use, access, and availability of food to all is her favourite task ; she was the Chief Management in-charge of food supply even in times of economic difficulties ;

Salutations to Mother on this day .”


“Dieu avec nous”

Sunday, May 10, 2020 –  12.29 p.m. (IST)

Tidbit :  ” To our family, Komalavalli is not just mother, but the World “.



” COVID-19 – How to Gain Economic Relief ” – May 5, 2020.

The economic and health situations are devastating to say the least. Six months on, the infected cases stand at 3.5 million plus and deaths at .25 million plus globally. In India it is 46,711 and  1583  respectively (as on May 6, 2020). A vaccine combating the COVID-19 is most likely by Jan/Feb 2021. There seem to be clear and precise directions from a host of countries to reopen the economy at least gradually. In the absence of a clear historical  precedent for tackling the disaster, people’s needs are getting precedence over uncertain risks. Preconceptions of a recovery, if and when, from experts, scientists, analysts, policymakers, and administrators are also being challenged now. Post-pandemic,  will the economy  recover and rebound and if so how  is what pervades everybody’s mind. 

     Here are some thoughts in this direction :

     1.   Billions and trillions of rupees in stimulus packages to lessen the individual financial stress and economic slowdown are being announced.

     2.   The safety net initiated and positioned aptly may well spark a roaring success in terms of a swift growth is the expectation.

     3.   Early discovery of a vaccine to treat COVID-19 successfully and to distribute the same effectively will be the game changer in combating COVID-19.

     4.   Gradual opening of businesses and amenities triggering the revival of business enthusiasm is on the cards.

     5.   High volume, low margin, dealing with essentials in business with special shopping time(s)  for seniors need to be supported and accelerated for growth and jobs.

     6.   Be frugal in consumption patterns is the dictum now.

     7.   Strengthening of domestic supply chains coupled with increased levels of local capacity for all producing goods will manifest post COVID-19.

     8.   Use the recovery efforts to create a clean tech, high value economy that works for every citizen,  i.e.  everyday tasks to be managed by renewable energy for increased quality of economic growth.

     9.   High degree of concentration on air quality, water sanitation, and  waste management will help reduce the vulnerability of communities to the pandemic while at the same time strengthening resilience to many other types of risks. Give fillip to such activities.

     10.  There will be big Government scenario and participation  post COVID-19. There will also be big bail outs.

     11.  Government’s focus on infrastructure more than simple resource distribution benefits dangled in front of the people will bear fruits in job growth.

     12.  Striving for  economic recovery will necessitate changes in government procedures and rules, specially loans, debt etc in favour of Citizens, small businesses, and commercial institutions.

     13.  Economic stagnation and reduced interest rates will cause a decline in private savings. This will lead to a fall in private capital in turn causing a fall in business investment and jobs growth. Government will be forced to adopt more lending programs.

     14.  Honor and respect in government work will be restored as the Government will be fully engaged in remedying the situation. People will seek government services in good faith and confidence. Young people will be lured to government jobs.

     15.  Restorative power of fame and way of working of government Institutions will be enhanced along with a level of trust by people, as never witnessed before.

     16.  Strong focus on reorientation of policies in favour of the public good in all sectors of economy will be the greatest change to be witnessed post COVID-19.

     India seems to be doing better than most countries as at present.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Tuesday, May 5, 2020 –  9.09 p.m. (IST).

   Tidbit  :  ” Commenced preparations for Vande Bharat Mission. Planning underway for stranded Indian nationals to return home starting May 7. Urge them to keep in regular touch with their embassies.”  –  Dr S Jaishankar,  Minister  for  External Affairs,  India.


” COVID-19 – Easing Economy and Social Lockdown ” – May 2, 2020.

1.  ” When will the lockdown finally end ?

People are starved of food to survive ;

People are tired of restrictions to freedom ;

People are sick of the ban on public/sports events ;

     People are sick as a parrot waiting around and  hoping  for comfort/relaxation with no pain/worries . “

     2.  ” When will the lockdown finally end ?

     Domestic and international travel by air, train, or road banned ;

     Courier services prohibited causing harm to despatching life saving medicines (imported) banned ; 

     Logistics and transportation even when things ease will be challenging testing our ability seriously ;

     Forced economising on our needs endanger the lives of citizens . “

     3.  ” When will the lockdown finally end ?

     For the wheels of Economy to roll, factories need to start ;

     Labour working   hours need  to  be regulated and controlled ;

     Optimum workforce with necessary infrastructure must be maintained ;

     HR    managers need to display Innovation to meet these challenges urgently . “

     4.  ” When will the lockdown finally end ?

     Reports galore of collapse in demand ;

     Reports galore of retail and other sales plunging ;

     Reports galore of government debt surging ;

     Reports galore of economic contraction for atleast 1 or 2 years .”

     5.  ” When will the lockdown finally end ?

     Problems, troubles, and challenges remain, but they come with a few silver lining (s) ;

     An opportunity to ‘human centric development cooperation’  with other nations ;

     An opportunity to be more independent, autonomous, with high degree of self sufficiency ;

     An opportunity to propagate Indian wisdom while providing solutions to problems .”


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Saturday, May  2,  2020 –  11.09 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit  :  ”  South Korea and Singapore beat all other nations in testing ;  Hong Kong and Taiwan took timely measures based on SAARS experience ;  India will now stride on its Democratic participation and activism of Citizens in Containment. “