” IWD 2020 – March 8, 2020 – ‘A New Beginning for Women ‘

March 8, 2020,  will mark a turning point in the lives and futures of women in this world.

          This is presenting my new, thoughtful dimension and significance to IWD 2020 here.

          2020  is the 109th year since the world started the celebrations of IWD first in 1911.

          This  109th  year  is the  ‘new dimension and significance’ that I refer to. 109 is a magical number with potential to bring success to any venture initiated by women.

          IWD  essentially constitutes the three  ‘A’s  of our  ‘SPEC’  through which everyone analyses events. Let me make it clear. Three  ‘A’s  stand for  Achievement,  Accreditation,  and  Accountability, the characteristics that women excel in.   ‘SPEC’  denotes  Social, Political, Economics, and Cultural fields in which women participate.  109  will enable the characteristics to be embedded into the fabric of the fields firmly and strongly, is my view on this.

           Most significant part of IWD 2020  is that it is  “angelic”,  it is  “full of energy”,  and it is  “full of persuasive goals” – (part 1).  It  also  signifies  ‘self-reliance’,  ‘self-determination’  and ‘independence’ – (part 2).  Combine the two parts and you have created the magic – women’s predominance.  109 is the perfect catalyst to align the two parts for the beginning  of  the evolution of women’s predominance through this century, is again my view on this.

           Most of  the  talks in various forums  and accounts in print today  ( March 8 )  will center around making women’s role primary,  and praising them with greater representation in all fields, something that I have been witnessing from my school days –  and, yes, by most people  since 1911 all over the world. Look at what we have achieved in this sphere after  109 years – Women still hold only 1 in 4 Global Parliamentary Seats ;  Women CEOs of Fortune 500 (supposed to have reached a peak in 2019) constituting just 7% ;  Women Nobel Peace Prize winners till date constituting only 5.9% ;  Only  19% in the other categories of Nobel winners ; only a quarter in media/entertainment (some solace but still short of one-third). If this is not reason for the scarce influence that they  invoke on our socially conditioned perception, what else can ? A case of rich potential but poor outcome !

           My memory is vivid with the landmark convention that I was fortunate to attend in Beijing in the early 1990s which was recognised and hailed as the roadmap for empowerment of women and skills everywhere in the world. Gender equity was a prime case in that Convention. Ironically we almost hear that every year, and it was also the theme of 2017 IWD !

           It is atleast two and half decades since that convention, but the change has been painfully retarded till this date. Not a single country can claim to have achieved it in today’s world is the stark reality. 

           Do women work more but receive little recognition ?  Do women exhibit great potential but often held below the deserving ?  Do women hold the potential to impact Society in a big way but never encouraged to engage in activities that matter ?  A simple answer is  “it is all of these “.

           Women do deserve the support, recognition, and collaboration from every individual. How can one remedy the situation ? What is urgently needed is the oft touted six letter word  “Change”.  A  Change  in  our mindsets;   Change in our thoughts ;  Change in our expressions ;  Change in our views ;  and above all  Change in our assumptions that  ‘Women cannot be Men’.

           We pronounce  ‘Women’  as  “Wi Men”  or  “We Men”  which simply equates men and women.  Women do possess men’s characteristics too is the inference.

           In this most significant 109th year let every nation make its prime duty to engage in activities reflecting how we hold ourselves committed to this principle ;  how we perceive their importance ;  and how we display that perception to the whole universe. The best that any nation can do individually and collectively.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Saturday,  March 7, 2020 –  12.09 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Sad that all women Democratic candidates for the US General Election this year had to suspend their campaigns fully before March 8, 2020 “.