” Arvind Kejriwal Refined and Transformed Himself and AAP ” – February 11, 2020.

As an apolitical, non-expert I pen my Observations from a management perspective here :

It is 11 a.m.  AAP is leading in Delhi polls now with  potential to gain majority independently. Well, anything can happen in Elections and let us keep our fingers crossed as for now. 

          If Arvind Kejriwal secures a majority to form a government then these two factors have to be the key factors for his party’s victory. Figure below represents his Election Campaign Triad :

1.  Arvind Kejriwal’s Election Campaign was influenced by the overriding need for political programs satisfying “people’s needs” –  a strong objective of his Government. He concentrated on ” food, shelter clothing, water, electricity, healthcare, transportation, education, and communication”. It supports the contention, and the importance that people attribute to the requirements for well-being in terms of basic needs.

          In broad terms his approach is not so much geared to increasing production economically as it is in being able to meet the basic requirements/needs of people at large. He probably based his model of ‘Social Development’  to wipe out absolute poverty of the State/Union Territory. The physical well-being of the Citizens of Delhi was his main concern. Many people are living below that level. If so, then it should enthuse other states to take the cue and profit from the success in the larger interest of the nation.

          Subsistence was also probably the trigger for all subsidies doled out during his period. In effect, he has gambled his reputation but with full conviction that the result will be a success. In the final analysis it proved himself to be a  “worthy champion” ( should he emerge victorious ).

           Arvind Kejriwal campaigned mostly on his development plank focused during his period. His prioritisation of communities for help delivery  and   rationalisation  of  allocation  of funds  for  ‘ Social Development ‘  seem  to have paid off electorally.

          2.  Kejriwal’s  first  pancake   in  2013 was a  failure.  AAP’ s first 49 day period was a  “good intent”  but plagued by mistakes due to lack of practical acquaintance. Fresh political campaign strategy emerged in 2015.  It was a “total positive campaign” . People’s needs took the centre stage. From then on his refinement and  standards of transformation also started taking shape. By his standards  of treating the people with dignity and projecting the image of giving the good – he created a bonding in true spirit and practice as the “People Person”  emphasising that there is value in politics of the day. People also responded positively after being leery with the pace of economic growth last year. Complete overhaul of Politics is envisaged now with good leads, as at present. If he wins this time he will surely emerge as the  “Servant Leader”  in Indian Politics.

          Everybody will be keen to watch the results.


   “Dieu avec nous”

   Tuesday, February 11,  2020 –  11.29 a.m. (IST)

    Tidbit :  ” It is not one-centric or we-centric but  “people centric”  that matters most in Politics “.