” CAA and NRC – Management Opportunity ” – December 24, 2019.

CAA  (Citizenship Amendment Act) decision and the ensuing protests will likely become an intense scrutiny issue of the people, by the people,  for the people about Governance in general.

          People will also likely assess how the Government executed it’s oversight and what they did to quell the protests, and to protect victims/citizens medically, financially, and even logistically.

          The protests have already spanned 4 states with atleast 22 deaths/killings.

The protests have also reached the potential to be a serious safety issue.

          The very information and news of unrest, disquiet, and resistance may also likely get grimmer during the holidays.

People who protested did not hide their frustration even as many would like to think that their intent was wrong or misplaced.

           Concerns about injustice and safety have definitely shadowed the Government through its posture of putting a brave face amidst the tumult. And, ‘people trust’ may well be plummeting even as the protagonists scramble for “peace gaining schedules”.

           The situation makes it all the more important for strategies and steps to restore the confidence of people. As a common man, my commonsense steps will constitute :

          1.  Providing information to the citizens a clear sense of their future wellness ( that the goal here is to safeguard and build a lifelong service to the persecuted from those three countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan) through the experiences of those already protected from the same community bolstered by the efforts of the Government, say, in the last 5 years.

          2.  Operate with urgency to implement security steps that the aggrieved party cite as challenges.

          3.  Provide information about a clear policy for housing the migrants.

          4.  The government’s decision is now seen as one that impacts the trust between  ‘groups’.

          5.  The negative effects of the decision are already visible as a few states (Kerala, West Bengal, Punjab, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, and MP) have expressed their determination not to support and yield to the proposed NRC.

          It is important to hammer the point in the minds of people that migrants will live like local Citizens and be transparent about the efforts of the Government.

          The role played by, specially,  Students and Women in our society to bring about transformational changes ( in this new millennium in particular) is all too well known. Management Institutions in India are well equipped in terms of expertise, and enthusiasm to conduct  ‘Surveys’  revealing insight and Information into the need, appropriateness, direction, and social perception of this exercise. The Institutions also are in a position to provide the requisite methods and key essentials for the “Information Campaigns” on this exercise to bring people on board with the reality. Their role is vital at this juncture.

          The  above will constlitute the Government’s trust and safety advantage.


   ” Dieu avec nous “

   Tuesday, December 24, 2019 – 2.39 p.m. (IST)

   Tidbit : ” Politics is a game of Compromise; Faith is not ”  –  Cal Thomas.


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