” What Raja Says and Corroborates for Your Benefit – VI – November 28, 2018.






          On to my 7 tenets now  :

          1.   Raja  Says  :  ” Never announce your moves before you make them ” ;   Raja  Corroborates  :  (  ” You ought to be like a lion in this new age, silently following the prey without it getting even a whiff of it. If you announce and go after it there are people out there to get you easily,  and you are only giving chance to imitators, malevolent spoilers, puppets and traitors to outsmart you wrongfully ” ).

          2.   Raja  Says  :  ” Laughing to the risk of falling again and again is not a mistake;  but to laugh at the fallen is a grave mistake “.   Raja  Corroborates  :   ( ” It is human nature to assert our superiority over people’s misfortunes because it possibly makes us feel better.  This has to do with a neural circuit in the brain that sharply and swiftly recognises the situation in a laughable way. However, it again depends on the individual’s disposition at the time of happening. But it is important to control such behaviour in situations where people have fallen severely. I do control myself with aplomb. It is a good topic for research ” ).

          3.   Raja  Says  :  ”  Who Says that you are addicted and so you are not good ? Everyone in this universe is addicted to something that gives him/her pleasure, peace, and relieves him/her of pain “.  Raja  Corroborates  :  ( ” Addiction is a health burden  associated with personal suffering. It is not just addiction to drugs.  Addictions to fancies, habits, tendencies, whims and on. But it can be prevented. Many times biological factors are involved. Biological models are framed;  effectively targeting prevention, treatment and policy strategies in the new age era. Treatments to addiction also cover counselling and training. Not to worry. There is significant potential for making gains from such treatments actually ” ).

          4.    Raja  Says  :  ”  You know a dice,  you don’t know what number comes next ( unless you are a Sakuni, of Mahabharata ). In life too we don’t know what will come next and what scenario it will play “.  Raja  Corroborates  :  ( ” Life is like a dice ; but to face the challenge one must be positive and open minded to all opportunities. Don’t worry about what future can hold for you but plan for what you want to experience and choose it. Keep attractive plans and possibilities. Sharpen your adapting skills. Try meditation everyday so you can have control over your mind ” ).

          5.  Raja  Says  :  ” In life you are presented with many choices to work, play, pray, relax ..  ..  It is an irony that many are concerned about what is the best rather than selecting to pick what will be the happiest “.  (  ” Happiness requires self satisfaction and self control while all other forms of ‘best’  in life have external environmental and external adaptive factors need to be controlled to make it really more meaningful. Choose happiness and give all it your everything in what you do with commitment. That will easily become the best in life too ” ).

          6.   Raja  Says  :  ”  If you are struck by defeats, get up immediately , lest the world discards you in a trench “.   Raja  Corroborates :   ( ”  If you want to be someone to be counted in this new age,  you go after work – one after the other – even if you slip in some on the way. Never lose sight of your goal and the events you take upon. Never stop. Once you stop, you are digging your own grave. Nobody will look at you and spend time with you to solve your problems. On the contrary they will be too willing to give you the cold shoulder and to get you once and for all ” ).

          7.   Raja  Says  :   ”  There is no use propagating your worries and discomforts. Nobody will buy that “.  Raja  Corroborates  :  ( ” In this new age, everyone is running a rat race to keep oneself afloat. Relationships are no longer revered. Concern for others is just lip sympathy. One ought to win at all costs, whatever be the price, and that is what counts ultimately. You do that and you are honored. No place for anyone’s worries and discomforts ” ).

          My score is 65/100.

          Hope you benefit.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Wednesday,  November  28,  2018  –   7.29 p.m.  (IST)

     Tidbit  :   ” Life is a constant struggle to keep up appearances, and keep down expenses “.


” What Raja Says and Corroborates for Your Benefit – V ” – November 23, 2018.



Lighting your life.






          On to my 7 tenets today :

          1.   Raja  Says :  ” Live not to make others get afraid of you,  living peacefully to be of use to others is the ideal life “.   (  Raja  Corroborates :  ” An idealist is a person who helps other people to be prosperous,  and I have been extremely successful at it, having been instrumental in making three communities around me prosperous in three cities by now ” ).

          2.   Raja  Says  :   ” What is lost is not important,  what remains is the most important thing “.   (  Raja  Corroborates  :  ” The first requisite of a good citizen of a nation is that he/she should be willing and capable enough to pull his/her own weight amidst any setbacks. I am a good citizen of India , playing a lone furrough through my life losing many things but standing up for truth and honesty for ever for sure ” ).

          3.   Raja  Says   :   ”  Those who have money have no hearts,  those who have hearts have no money “.   (  Raja  Corroborates  :  ” Money  may be a good servant, but a bad master. I do not have much money but have a large heart ” ).

          4.   Raja  Says  :   ” Before trying to correct the society,  correct yourself first “.   (  Raja  Corroborates  :  ”  There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving and that is your own self. So you have to begin there, not outside, not on other people. That comes afterwards when you’ve worked on your corner. Many are confused where to begin, but I am not, thankful to my parents , – due to my polite upbringing ” ).

          5.   Raja  Says   :   ” Only if you can overcome the miseries with courage , you can reach great heights in life “.  (  Raja  Corroborates  :  ”  Courage is not absence of fear, it is the mastery of it.  I am learning to master the art still ” ).

          6.   Raja  Says   :   ” Devotion to God becomes a day time dressing up in the absence of mutually helping tendencies “.  (  Raja  Corroborates  : ” That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom, truthfulness, and spiritual progress for me to be like that ” ).

          7.   Raja  Says  :  ” If you try to run away from the difficulties you face today ,  who will receive and relish the best moments that will come tomorrow ? “. (  Raja  Corroborates  : ” The best things are the most difficult things ,  and  I simply embrace them with pleasure without running away ” ).

          My score is 80/100.

          Hope you benefit from this.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Friday,  November 23,  2018  –  3.19 p.m.  (IST).

     Tidbit  :  ” Life is a play !  ‘Tis not it’s length, but it’s performance that counts “.  –  Seneca



” What Raja Says and Corroborates for Your Benefit – IV ” – November 19, 2018.






          On to the  9  tenets of this piece  :

          1.   Raja  Says  :   ” If you keep your words, deeds, acts, feelings, and thoughts to do good for others, you don’t have to pray to God or recite verses in praise of the Lord even for a minute. God will come in search of you instead.”   (  Raja  Corroborates  :  ”  This is my philosophy, pursuit, and rationale in life ” ).

          2.   Raja  Says.  :   ” When you are mentally tired and penetrated or face unbearable difficulties, you look for people with similar mental wavelengths only to share your feelings because they are only your ‘true’  friends.”   (  Raja  Corroborates.  :   ” True  friends to anyone are only in single digits, sometimes just one or two,  and the rest are mere acquaintances –  something that many in this new age may not even realise ” ).

          3.   Raja  Says   :   ” Howsoever happy you are in life, you always think of wanting to live like  ‘others’  only. ”   (  Raja  Corroborates  :  “This is  ‘human nature’  reminding you of your ancestors that are playful, mischievous, and imitant. Unknowingly, however,  I have not fallen into this culture which sometimes make others brand me a  radical ” ).

          4.   Raja  Says   :   ” If you start avoiding people because they commit mistakes, you can never ever love anyone in life. ”   (  This is the first tenet that I preach to my students : ‘allow yourself to commit mistakes ‘ –   Ford forgot to put a reverse gear in his first automobile. Edison once spent $ 2 million on an invention that proved of little value. The person who makes no mistakes lacks the spirit of adventure. But it is still a matter of debate in this new age of  cost consciousness whether this will find acceptance universally “. ).

          5.   Raja  Says  :   ” Self confidence will always come with success. But success will come only with self confidence. ”   (  Raja  Corroborates  :  ” Self confidence is something that I am in search of – still sadly. ” ).

          6.   Raja  Says   :   ” There are only two ways you can secure peace in life;  Press it on  or  Give it up simply. ”  (  Raja  Corroborates  :  “My ways, though strictly not in tune with the above, give peace to me even if many may feel confused ” ).

          7.   Raja  Says   :   ” It is not important to secure the best relationship in life;  it is more important to be secure in life throughout “.   (  Raja  Corroborates   :  ” My relationships are secure ;  but I am not sure still about my life “).

          8.   Raja.  Says   :.  ” Pay attention to the ones who care instead of trying to get the attention of those who don’t .”   (   Raja  Corroborates   :  ”  Again, this is  ‘human nature’  to try to get the attention of others whether they care or not. It is a new age fad ” ).

          9.   Raja  Says   :   ” Don’t ever look at any difficulty as a problem ;  you will be engulfed with worries and fear. Try to look at difficulties as challenges, you will derive courage and self confidence, you will succeed too “.   (   Raja  Corroborates  :  ” I had succeeded in my research work professionally abiding by this dictum, even if I have not in life ” ).

           My  score is   75/100.

          Hope you will benefit from this.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Monday,  November 19,  2018  –  1.19 p.m. (IST)

     Tidbit  :  ” Don’t go visit your family if it compromises your mental health “.




” What Raja Says and Corroborates for Your Benefit – III ” – November 9, 2018.






            My  9  tenets as usual :

          1.  Raja Says  :  ” Seek opinions from thousands of people;  but take the final decision yourself, only yourself “.  ( Raja  Corroborates :  I fail miserably ).

          2.   Raja  Says  :  ”  Times were when a person is delighted to visit the mother-in-law’s house and celebrate Diwali bursting crackers;  today  the  person  is  ‘de-lighted’  to  visit mother-in-law’s house (read jail)  after bursting crackers “.   ( Raja  Corroborates :  Not applicable to me as I enjoy celebacy ).

          3.   Raja  Says  :   ” The wounds you sustain in life should always change and heal ;  if not, some of those very wounds instead of healing will stay permanent in your mind and heart “.  (  Raja  Corroborates  :  I   fail  again  ).

          4.   Raja  Says  :   ” Never think of what happened in the past, good and not-so-good, ;  think only of completing what work you have on hand “.   ( Raja  Corroborates  :  I pass successfully ).

          5.   Raja  Says. :   ”  The care you exercise in lighting the last matchstick in the box, if only you exercised it in lighting the first matchstick you would have succeeded in life “.   ( Raja  Corroborates  :   I pass with distinction ).

          6.   Raja  Says  :   ” Courage is fighting head to head and not attacking from behind at an opportune moment “.   ( Raja  Corroborates  :  I  pass with distinction ).

          7.   Raja  Says. :   ” Belief in God is good faith ;  Belief in God  only  is bad faith “.   ( Raja  Corroborates  :   I pass with distinction ).

          8.   Raja  Says  :   ” Just as leaving space between vehicles while driving on roads is an effective safety measure,  so is leaving space between gatherings in life is an effective relationship building measure “.   (  Raja  Corroborates  :  I pass successfully ).

          9.   Raja  Says  :   ”  Thousand good deeds, one key mistake ”  –  It is human nature to depend on the latter more than the former in judgement.    (   Raja   Corroborates  :    I pass successfully  ).

          My overall score is   70/100.


          I am happy if you are benefitted.


     ” Does avec nous “

     Friday,  November  9,  2018  –  2.09 p.m. (IST)

     Tidbit :  ”  My  focus is on peace, integrity, and honesty in life “