” What Raja Says and Corroborates for Your Benefit ” II – October 27 , 2018.


Lighting your life.






          Here are my 9 tenets as usual  :

          1.   Raja  Says  :  ” Keep  (re)searching  for something worthwhile, and keep going ahead. Whenever you stop it will spell and mark your success step”.   ( Raja  Corroborates :  This is what I have been successfully advocating to all students in my career ).

          2.   Raja  Says  :  ” You should know where to keep the full-stop signalling the completion of the word. If you don’t keep the full-stop at the right place, your words will not find the correct meaning – not just your words, but your life too”.  ( Raja  Corroborates  :  My full-stops have always been precise and exact. They never failed me ).

          3.   Raja  Says  :  ” If you regard every opportunity that you get in life to be the last opportunity, you will certainly meet your goal one final day “.   ( Raja  Corroborates  :  If I have reached my goal of a trendsetter in life, this is what made it for me ).

          4.   Raja  Says  :  ” If your mind and heart make you happy, everything you see in front of you will look beautiful “.  (  Raja  Corroborates  :  I always looked at beautiful things in life. True to my belief,  Beauty lies in Vision;  Mind and Heart share that Vision ).

          5.   Raja  Says  :   ”  It is easy to weild power standing alongside a group of members of a family.  Being alone, living alone – weilding power is something that not everyone can do or handle “.  ( Raja  Corroborates  :  I have been doing it efficiently, proudly, and successfully till this day – unique).

          6.   Raja  Says  :   ”  If you like only those who like you, it is being human.  If you like even those who hate you, it  is godly “.  ( Raja  Corroborates  :   My religion and my parents taught me to love all humans, and that is what everyone in my family has been practising ).

          7.   Raja  Says   :   ”  Those were the days when somebody smiles, we felt better and reassured. But today the first thing that comes to mind when someone smiles is to suspect his/her motive “.   (  Raja  Corroborates  :   I don’t know why I have always looked at anyone who smiles  with empathy ).

          8.   Raja  Says   :   ” The anger you display against children is the highest form of cowardice “.  (  Raja  Corroborates  :  I always hold that children make everybody’s life happy ).

          9.   Raja  Says   :   ” Many go after wealth;

          Many go after land and estate;

          Many go after work;

          Many go after women;

          Many go after pleasure/entertainment;

          Many go after fame and name ;

          Many go after power and prestige;

          In the process they fail to introspect and look to their inner self. This is life.

( Raja  Corroborates  :  I take willingly what comes to me without going after anything. That is what makes me happy in ilfe. If I go after anything, it is transferring my experiences in life to be of use in terms of education and information to others like what this piece shows. To promote the spirit of others ).

          My score is  75/100.

          If you have benefited from this, I am delighted.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Saturday,  October 27, 2018 –  6.49 p.m. (IST)

     Tidbit :  ” Not interfering with anyone’s activities unless asked for is the best way to lead one’s life “.



” What Raja Says and Corroborates for Your Benefit – I ” – October 21, 2018.





          Let’s get straight to my 9 tenets  :

          1.     Raja  Says  :  “Money you give to your relatives and friends;  and the love and affection you shower on people you don’t even know will teach you an unforgettable lesson in your life “.   (  Raja  Corroborates  :  Obey the rules;  the unforgettable lessons that I learnt are few, but they justify strongly ).

          2.   ” Control your anger against even those who betrayed you;  time will be yours,  Almighty will do justice “.   ( Even as I will love Almighty’s justice as anyone else will;  I would not like to see even my strong adversaries suffer ).

          3.   “Don’t worry about your losses;  God wants you to sacrifice many things so you can earn something bigger and more precious.”   ( Yes, perhaps I earned dignity and great respect in  society,  more  valuable  than  anything material ).

          4.   ” There can be no better arsenal in anyone’s armour than  ‘Silence’  to build your strength and be formidable in the community “.   ( This is the recipe for my success in life as I observed  faithfully,  specially,   in  the  last 25 years ).

          5.   ” Never be an entrepreneur or a businessman who takes loans to present ‘bonus’  to employees. Your employee using that bonus to settle his borrowings really becomes bigger than you are “.   ( I don’t know if I did right or wrong;  but, in my life,  even after retirement, I haven’t taken a loan even to satisfy my needs,  even when loans were available legally and procedurally under terms of contract during service. Fool in today’s rating ! ).

          6.   ” Don’t ever get disheartened by criticism for any good work you think you are upto ;  when you’re criticised unnecessarily it only emphasizes and reinforces what you are doing is good “.   ( Unwarranted criticism has been the biggest source of inspiration in my life. Excellent professional growth during 67 %  of my career came inspite of criticisms ).

          7.   ” Do your work with complete sincerity,  with complete faith in God,  and with complete belief  in   yourself. God  will automatically assume responsibility  for your work and make it fruitful “.   ( In retrospect, I can vouch for some of my successes to this aspect of wisdom ).

          8.   ” Money  may  sound the best five letter word ;  but,  if you go after it,  if you go after it,  in life you will risk losing your real best five letter word that characterised you as a person –  ‘image’  “.   ( It was a blessing in disguise in my case that  ‘money’  played never a critical part in my life –  be it during service or after. Living within means has been the sole dictum in my life. Infact that is the  DNA  of all members of family).

          9.   ” If you don’t practice what you preach, it becomes a novity “.   ( I don’t know if my actions are a novity or not, but certainly I do not practice much of what I have been preaching in subject lectures. Theory and practice rarely meet in this new age. But one thing for sure, I haven’t a bit prospered by ignoring theory. Rather, I have been much more stringent than what theory demands in terms of fairness, justice, and equality ).

          My score is  70/100.

          If you benefit from this, I’ll be happy.


     ” Dieu avec nous “

     Sunday,  October  21,  2018  –  6.59 p.m. (IST)

     Tidbit  :  ” The best way to save face is to keep the lower part of it  ( mouth ! )  closed “.



” 9 Simple Tenets of Progress in Life ” – October 18, 2018.






           Presented below are the  9  Simple  Tenets of Progress in Life :

          1.   “Leadership is not defined in raising your voice while speaking;  rather, leadership lies in getting other’s voices contained instantly when you start speaking”.   ( This is something I have experienced successfully many times in my professional career in my 30s and 40s to my glory, even without being a leader  –  but didn’t draw it further later )

          2.   “Railway tracks neither join nor separate, maintains the right distance through its course;  our relationships should ideally be like this only”.   ( Many of my relationships are true to this)

          3.   Pay gratitude to those who hurt you most rather than those who made you happy;  those who made you happy may have known you well but those who hurt you have done yeomen service of introducing yourself to you”.   ( I have learnt a lot and I still learn)

          4.   ” World is your oyster;  keep running for careers, progress, promotions, and more importantly doing something worthwhile. Neither does anyone possess the strength to stop you, nor does anyone accumulates capacity to hate you”.  ( This is where I succeeded during the first half of my career, but not so much in the latter half )

          5.   ” Just as watering the coconut tree transforms itself into coconut milk, the help you render others will come back to you some day”.  ( I fell short in this premise as well as results in life )

          6.   ” If a man who won many times loses once it is a ‘surprise’. If a man who lost many times wins once it is history”.  ( I am still to win )

          7.   ” When I was a student I worried about my studies only;  but when I completed studies, everything is becoming an object of worry”.  ( In particular and more so after crossing 55 which could be age related also )

          8.   ” All decisions taken without proper thinking, plan, and insight will make you think always and ever in future”.  ( I like to keep thinking still)

          9.   ” When the patient remains silent for the doctor’s questions whether anyone has accompanied him, that silence is worse than the disease.  ( I can vouch for my experiences as a patient observer on this )

          These are what my experience says and corroborates.


     ” Dieu avec nous”

     Thursday,  October 18,  2018  –  6.19 p.m. (IST)

     Tidbit :  ” Attitude defines life’s altitude “



” 9 Simple Tenets of Good Leadership ” – October 13, 2018.










I give below the  9  Simple Tenets of good leadership I gathered from experience. It may seem obvious to many, but I experienced and lived through in life :

          1.   Make sincere effort – not until you can, but until you are able to complete what you wanted.  (Perseverance is the art of successful leadership)

          2.   Beware !  Your mistakes will always be remembered more than the right things you may have done.  (Continue to do good things without ever expecting adulations)

          3.   Be it pain or uncorroborated accusations, ready to face the consequences independently.  (Courageous display)

          4.   Rather than defending strongly that ” No,  I am not that type ”  and live with head bent and bowed ;  say ” yes, I am of that type only ”  and live with your head held high and raised.  ( Being bold and truthful,  ethical leadership )

          5.   Even as there are many who are out to sabotage your business, there are a few out there playing the role of preventive medicine enabling your activities to move on countering the obstacles.  ( Always hold faith that good will happen )

          6.   You can only change the habits of people and not their character even with prolonged association for years.  ( Try that which is possible and will make an immediate impact without waiting for big things that may never show up )

          7.   Howsoever you may have worked hard forging compromises for your friends, clients, or relatives ;  on some occasions they will make you feel that you could have lived for yourself instead.  (Set your goal clearly and never flinch an inch )

          8.   Your deeds will shape your love;  your life will make your deeds.  (  Show affection and empathy to your subordinates )

          9.   Always excel in not revealing the difficulties encountered,  howsoever grave that can be.  ( Effective control of mind and emotions important )

          Follow and benefit.


     “Dieu avec nous”

     Saturday,  October  13,  2018. –  11.59 a.m. (IST)

     Tidbit :  ” Leader is first among the first in playing a chief role in any endeavour “.






” My Mother’s First Anniversary Ceremony – October 11 to 14, 2018.


V. Komallavalli. 1932 – 2017.










  My mother,  Komalavalli,  died at the age of 85 –  exactly a year and 16 days ago. It was not a sudden blow but regretfully full of grief and sadness. She had been ailing for a few months prior to her death.

          She was the second daughter of a prosperous, religious minded person with a business bent of mind. My mother was in her single digit years when her father died prematurely suddenly. She was brought up by her beloved uncle in a small town in southern Tamil nadu. 

          She died of heart attack ( September 25, 2017 )  but her heart had been slowly and steadily, without knowledge, given to all members of the family and people around her since her marriage till her death.

          She was known for her goodness, truthfulness, and unwavering courage to face challenges that an average middle class south Indian family would meet with in those pre-independence days. Her affection and love for everyone of the members of a joint family, companions, and neighbours (not a big number in a small town in those times) more than matched the affection and love she received from all around her.

          Faith in God and strong will power are the two qualities she was endowed with that sustained her life. She strongly believed in the power of Prayer to God. Since the beginning of the 1960s when we were showered with the blessings of Kanchi Mahaswamigal in our own dwelling, thanks to our landlord who has been instrumental in making the event possible, my mother developed the habit of deep prayer to the Lord in the morning and evening for 45 minutes everyday without fail. That is how she built her mental and spiritual strength.

          She displayed a sense of deep care to her family that was special (sadly not recognised) and continued till her death. There can be noone but myself who can attest her sense of purpose because I lived with her till her death.

          As every human being would have, she had  her desires – many unfulfilled – but she always accepted her set-backs as the will of God.

          Even her critics within the family cannot deny the fact that she made an inspirational difference to the entire family.

          First anniversary ceremonial rituals are being performed in Hyderabad by her eldest son –  Man Lion, a versatile professional who led as Executive Director, a Navarathna Public Sector Undertaking ;  and  third son –  Preserver Lord Vishnu, the one word master who made his public sector bank special for customers and common men till retirement.

          Her two daughters,  first,  Goddess of Fortune, a stay-at-home mother married to a leader engaged in unlocking a world of privileges at a public sector bank;  and,  second,  Princess of Mithali,  a stay-at-home mother married to an entrepreneur who is engaged in furthering the progress of humans through Nualgi Biotech –  also render their help in its consummation.

          Sitting  750 km away from them, I share my sincere prayers with them.

     ” Dieu avec nous”

     Thursday,  October 11,  2018  –  8.39 a.m.  (IST).

     Tidbit  :  ” Prayer is not asking;  it is a longing of the soul ” –  Mahatma Gandhi.



” Nobel Laureates of 2018 ” – October 9, 2018.











              2018 Nobel Prizes were announced by the Royal Swedish Academy of sciences, the Swedish Academy,  the Karolinska Institute,  and the Norwegian Nobel Committee – for outstanding contributions in  5  fields recently.

          Here’s a brief outline of the same :

          1.  Physiology or Medicine :  James P Allison (USA); and Tasaku Honjo (Japan)  –  ” for their discovery of cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation”.

          2.   Physics  :  Arthur Ashkin (USA);  Gerard Mourov (France);  and  Donna Strickland (Canada). –  “for groundbreaking inventions in the field of laser physics”.

          3.   Chemistry  :  One half to (a)  Frances H Arnold (USA);  other half jointly to (b)  George P Smith (USA) and Sir Gregory P Winter (UK) –  for   (a) “for the directed evolution of enzymes;”  and (b) “for the phage display of peptides and antibodies.”

          4.   Economic Sciences  :  (a) William D Nordhaus (USA);  and  (b) Paul M Romer (USA) –  (a) ” for integrating climate change into long-run macroeconomic analysis”;  and  (b) “for integrating technological innovations into long-run macroeconomic analysis”.

          5.   Peace  :  Denis Mukwege (Congo) and  Nadia Murad (Iraq)  –  ” for their efforts to end the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war and armed conflict”.

          Adding little details :


Tasaku Honjo and James P Allison – Physiology and Medicine.









          1.  Physiology or Medicine  :  Cancer as disease first recognised in 1600 B.C.  Idea of using patient’s own immune system to eliminate aggressive cancers is most recent. But it has been developed further now. The laureates characterised 2 different proteins called CTLA-4  and  PD-1 respectively that sit on the surface of T-cells. When these proteins interact with matching proteins on tumour cells or other immune cells – the way a key fits a lock – the T-cells fall into “sleep mode” and don’t attack the tumor. Allison and Honjo’s research led to the development of a new type of drug : monoclonal antibodies that block the regulatory pathways controlled by CTLA-4 and PD-1.  Called  ‘immune checkpoint inhibitors’ the drug attached itself to the CTLA-4 and PD-1 proteins and prevent them from switching off the T-cells. This leads to tumour repressions because immune system is allowed to function normally. This discovery is expected to revolutionize cancer therapy where radiation, chaemotherapy, and surgery fail.


Arthur Ashkin, Gerard Mourov, and Donna Strickland – Physics.









           2.   Physics  :  Laser was first invented in 1958 and is everywhere now. Light may be a wave, but producing light that is coherent (in-phase);  monochromatic (all the same wavelength);  and high powered are some reasons lasers are special. Military applications- laser sights & laser targeting;  Medical applications – eye surgery & cancer treatment;  Industrial applications – like laser etching, welding, and drilling  are common. Barcode readers in supermarket are based on laser. Controlling the laser and not making it more powerful is the essence of this year’s Nobel in Physics. Arthur Ashkin invented a tool for that known as optical tweezers. These operate by pushing small particles towards the centre of a laser beam and pinning them there. This is precise control. He used optical tweezers to capture bacteria without inflicting any harm. Helpful to study biological systems and investigate the machinery of life from the scale of individual cells on down. Gerard Mourov and Donna Strickland worked on controlling the power and pulse frequency of laser. By that they created an ultra-short, high intensity laser pulse in a repetitive fashion. The technique is called “chirped pulse amplification” and became a standard for high intensity lasers.

Frances H Arnold, George P Smith, and Sir Gregory P Winter – Chemistry.

           3.  Chemistry. :  Inspired by the power of evolution and using the same principles – genetic change and selection – to develop proteins that solve humankind’s chemical problems. Frances H Arnold (one half of prize receiver) conducted the first directed evolution of enzymes which are proteins that catalyse chemical reactions. Uses include environmentally friendly manufacturing of chemical substances, such as pharmaceuticals, and the production of renewable fuels for greener transport. George P Smith developed phage display, where a bacteriophage – a virus that infects bacteria – can be used to evolve new proteins. Gregory P Winter used phage display for the directed evolution of antibodies with the aim of producing new pharmaceuticals. We are still in the early days, though , of bringing greatest benefits to mankind.


William D Nordhaus and Paul M Romer – Economic Sciences.









           4.   Economic Sciences  :  William Nordhaus and Paul Romer  have developed methods that respond to challenges among the most fundamental and pressing of our time :  to combine long term sustainable growth of the global economy and well being of the population of the planet. Nordhaus’s  DICE (Dynamic Integrated Climate-Economy) model, and it’s regional variant RICE have become tools that are ‘widely used’ worldwide to estimate the costs and benefits of curbing emissions. A high price on carbon emissions is the reality set by Nordhaus. Paul M Romer has pioneered the use of technology in macroeconomic research. He demonstrated that Government policy plays a critical role in fostering technological innovation. He developed the idea that nations could foster innovation by investing in research and by writing laws governing the ownership of intellectual property that rewarded innovation, but not excessively. Their findings have broadened the scope of economic analysis by constructing models that explain how market economy interacts with nature and knowledge.


Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad – Peace.








                  5.   Peace  :   Congolese gynaecologist, Denis Mukwege, and the Iraqi yazidi, Nadia Murad, put their own personal security at risk by courageously combating war crimes and secure justice for victims. They gave greater visibility to war time sexual violence, a threat to international peace and security. Mukwege had done remarkable work treating victims of sexual violence during years of conflict in the country’s east.


           This account above is to disseminate knowledge and inspire individuals in quest for making useful contributions to existing literature in any manner they can.


     “Dieu avec nous”

     Tuesday,  October  9,  2018  –  3.59 p.m.  (IST)

     Tidbit :  ” Government policies are lagging very very far – miles, miles, miles –  behind the science and what needs to be done.”. –  Nobel prize.org.



” I have identified the Great Man” – October 1, 2018.






          An invisible characteristic attribute of a specific member of a certain  “S”  family is the divine power that he/she has been endowed with.

          Lord  ‘Anjaneya’ ,  it is said,  didn’t know his own strength. He had to be told that he can bring the  ‘Sanjeevini herb’  for curing Lord Rama and Lakshmana  who were lying unconscious in the battlefield. He did bring the mountain in its entirety that contained the herb. Such was his strength.

          The member of the  “S”  family also possesses such strength on a different attribute. He/she doesn’t know it. Who can tell him/her ?

          What is the meaning of the divine power (attribute) that I referred above ?

          It is not the power that one comes across in scriptures, mythological texts, slokas, or any song of praise to the lord.

          It is not the power that sanyasis, rishis, yogis, and the enshrined high order practitioners possessing magical powers often displayed in front of gatherings or assemblies in temples, shrines, and specific public places that keep the audience awe stricken.

          It is just the simple, but seen in one in a billion, power of enabling and empowering the community around, each with his/her being unaware of involvement in any manner about the positive transformation brought about.

          This is something that no management text, article, monograph, or the likes has dealt with. But this is real (the divine power) – observed from his/her graduate days till retirement and later in all places he/she had the opportunity to work and live.

          Management talks of transformation only in the sense of a planned course of goal, objectives, policies and programs.

          –  He/she doesn’t seek to propagate ideas ;  ( although to anyone who properly approaches him/her,  he/she offers super ideas that the visitor would not have thought of in dreams even) ;

          –  He/she doesn’t seek to lecture, talk, profess or to do any of these ; (yet, he/she is the most deserving person with a teachable spirit at higher level) ;

          –  He/she doesn’t seek to gather people for occasions as a power show or otherwise ; (yet, he/she is the most qualified to do it … ) ;

          –  He/she doesn’t seek personal preferences/luxuries but rather prefer to live like the Lord’s servant ; (yet, he/she deserves to be the first to be endowed with all comforts …) ;

          –  He/she doesn’t seek to build himself up even proportionately ; (yet, he/she deserves to be one who needs to be built up for the sake of unity and welfare of others …).

          Don’t these above make him/her out to be one who is struggling the most ?  You will be surprised to see him/her humble, peace loving, and extremely contented. He/she is gentle, accomplished, full of bragging rights, and a pursuer of greatness.

          What is the secret of his/her power of empowering the community at his cost ?

          Simple and twofold :

          (a)  Power of Silence ;   and

          (b)  Power of salvation.

          He/she is silent simply and practises salvation through mind with no desire.

          By God’s grace (through his mere presence) the penalty of sins of all around him/her are released while conferring eternal happiness with comforts in life to them. What can the community do for such an individual ?

          I have not come across an individual of this power in life. To me, he/she  is more than God.

          Yet, he/she has a serious defect. More about it later in a different piece.


     “Dieu avec nous”

     Monday,  October 1,  2018 –  3.49 p.m. (IST).

      Tidbit :  ” Only great man possesses great defects”.