” 50 Fundamental Truths to Make Life Better ” – August 25, 2018.



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          1.   Express your real feelings even if you’re scared or uncomfortable.

          2.   Caese trying to change people in your life. Accept and love them and move on.

          3.   Acknowledge mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

          4.   Talk to a counselor or coach when you can’t work it out yourself.

          5.   Give away the clothes you haven’t worn last year.

          6.   Stop gossiping about others.

          7.   Come home from work early to spend time with family.

          8.   Do the thing you’ve been dreaming about for years.

          9.   Make exercise a non negotiable part of your day.

          10.  Ask for what you need from your spouse or partner.

          11.  Give your spouse or partner what they need.

          12.  Learn a new skill every year.

          13.  Let go of a relationship that is draining you or causing heartache.

          14.  Under schedule rather than over scheduling your life.

          15.  Learn to meditate and practice meditation daily.

          16.  Go to bed earlier and get up earlier.

          17.  Tell the truth even when it is embarrassing.

          18.  Spend less time in front of computer, TV, or Smartphone.

          19.  Say  “I love you”  every single day.

          20.  Let go of grudges and anger as quickly as possible. Be quick to forgive.

          21.  Take the job you love, even if it pays less.

          22.  Spend less on material things, so you can afford more experiences.

          23.  Make a decision even when you are not sure rather than languishing in uncertainty.

          24.  Take a stand for something you know is right, even if it is unpopular.

          25.  Allow yourself to be silly, goofy, or carefree.

          26.  Care less about what others think of you.

          27.  Focus intently on the task or action at hand and savor it fully.

          28.  Take a few moments everyday to acknowledge and reflect on the good in your life.

          29.  Say yes when you mean yes and no when you mean no.

          30.  Plan in advance for something fun to do on the weekend.

          31.  Spend within your means, seek help to get out of debt.

          32.  Plan and take the trip of a lifetime.

          33.  Become proficient with your computer.

          34.  Clean out the clutter and unnecessary stuff in your home.

          35.  Give up junk food and fast food and eat more vegetables.

          36.  Say yes when someone needs your time, support, or help.

          37.  Step outside to look at a full moon, a shooting star, a rainbow, or a snowfall.

          38.  Play games with your family.

          39.  Offer praise to someone who deserves it even when you feel jealous.

          40.  Do whatever you can to change anything you hate about your life. Exhaust all possibilities.

          41.  Don’t argue about Politics or religion.

          42.  Take action inspite of fear.

          43.  Accept failure as a step in learning rather than an end result or life sentence.

          44.  Listen to your body and intuition as guides for changing behaviors or decisions.

          45.  Clean the dishes before you go to bed.

          46.  Drive carefully, calmly, and non aggressively even if it means you will be late.

          47.  Choose the funny movie over the violent one.

          48.  Learn to enjoy your own company.

          49.  Be appropriately honest with your children at all times.

          50.  If you have the choice to sit it out or dance,  dance !!!


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     Tidbit :   A warm smile and thank you gets more than any other thing can offer.


” 10 Principles I hold dear to my Heart ” – August 22, 2018.











          10  principles in life for high-end performance :

          1.   “Every policeman is a  citizen  in uniform;  every citizen is a policeman without uniform”.

          2.   “If you say,  ‘I Can Do It’ ,  it reflects self confidence;  if you say,  ‘I Can Only Do It’,  it reflects arrogance”.

          3.   “Being lonely does not mean there is nobody around for you;  being lonely applies only when there are so many people around and yet you  ‘feel’  left alone”.

          4.   “Working hard does not guarantee  ‘success’;  doing the work you like sincerely and honestly only guarantees ‘success’ “.

          5.   “To lose is more dignified than to cheat”.

          6.   “Until one’s facemask is removed we tend to believe it as the real face”.

          7.   “You will be thrown off and discarded easily if you work for anyone like a chappal – it protects the skin and feet only”.

          8.   “If you keep talking often you will be disliked quickly by all;  if you wait patiently without speaking much, you will be treasured and searched by all”.

          9.   “Admit boldly and graciously if you don’t know something;  at the same time continue your effort to know what you didn’t know”.

          10.  “The man who educates and trains a person may go to sleep;  but the educated and trained person will not sleep”.


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Tidbit  :  ” A principled life, howsoever old-fashioned, is better than an unprincipled life”. –  SR.