” President Trump’s State of the Union Address – Rediscovering the American Way ” – January 30, 2018.







                     President Donald Trump delivered his First State of the Union Address, and his second speech to a Joint Session of the Congress on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.  Basically it is information to Congress on the State of the Union involving measures necessary and expedient for their consideration. The key elements of the speech centered around the future of America(ns);  forging bonds of unity between parties; and bipartisanship in action.


                       Racism,  hatred-filled tweets/remarks,  President’s words describing Haiti, El Salvador and several nations of Africa as “shithole countries”,  President’s perceived penchant for belittling women,  protest movements of sexual harassment cum assault in many instances in the past,  President’s travel ban initiatives,  his general rhetoric and behavior causing offense made aware through senses often,  his propagation of radical divisive agenda – with lies engulfing the minds of discerning people – have filled a year of his tumultuous journey described by many as chaotic while giving way to some protests and boycott of speech by independent movements, some representatives (Democratic) of Congress, and even a few leading individuals, nevertheless providing an excellent opportunity for the President to turn this adversity into some advantage enhancing his status.


                                     It was a journey full of barriers, hurdles, obstacles, and uncertainties that need to be cleared quickly to move on with progress. His unstoppable criticisms/observations/assessments of the media, press, Intel agencies and other institutions at various points in time during the past year have made it imperative that he guides his speech well now to make the mark on Congressional members as well as citizens of America.


                                   In his last address to the Joint Session of Congress on February 28, 2017, President Donald Trump promised to  :  (a) Create a level playing field for American companies through tax reforms;  (b)  Develop a framework plan to defeat ISIS (by his Defense Team);  (c)  Work for the protection of country’s system of legal immigration (by his security team);  (d) Work to repeal and replace ObamaCare (by his Health Team);  (e)  Work towards Infrastructure aspects of National Rebuilding (by a special team) even while involving the Big Infrastructure Program initiated by Eisenhower earlier in the last century;  (f)  Work to guard the health of citizens and to provide good education;  (g)  Not cut welfare budgets while attempting to shrink the budget for Foreign Aid, other agencies like EPA.


                                Even while this State of the Union speech could not match his February 28, 2017, address to the Joint Session of Congress, President Trump made his speech count this time with a bright, cheerful, and encouraging one terming this “a New American Moment”.  Highlighting the positive aspects of his Tax Proposal, President Donald Trump drew attention to the fact of Apple’s readiness to invest $ 350 b in America with jobs to 20000 or more;  Chrysler’s willingness to invest in America (Detroit, Michigan);  Toyota and Mazda’s willingness to come to Alabama to shore up American presence not seen in a longtime as vindication of his Tax Reforms.  President also recalled the liberation of ISIS engulfed areas in Syria and Iraq totally as vindication of his Defense efforts.


                                His voice exuded spirit;  his words kept firm;  his messages were crypt and clear;   his gestures remained perfect;  his programs were paramount;  and his arguments quite appealing.


                                 President Donald Trump  emphasised his efforts further :  (a)  Defending the 2nd Amendment and protecting religious liberty; (b)  Veterans being given choice in their Healthcare decisions;  (c)  Elimination of more regulations in his first year – more than any other administration before – in order to increase accountability;  (d)  More drugs getting FDA approval during his one year period than any earlier;  (e)  Reduction in the prices of prescription drugs;  (f)  Giving the citizens the right to try their cure in America and not outside;  (g)  New  4  part immigration plan;  (h)  Opening the Guantanamo prison;  (i)  Seeking Congress to put at least $ 1.5 T in Infrastructure  …  …


                                      Each time he mentioned about a program to help American Citizens, he astutely reminded and sought fervently the Congressional support in a bipartisan manner.  Republicans and Democrats working with a single goal of American prosperity in a way that is concordant, congruous, and justly proportioned in agreement with a clear sense of inclination and proneness will do all the good for Americans,  has been the crux of his speech. Of significance is also the fact that FDR in 1933 and Ronald Reagan in 1983  had the main theme of their State of the Union address(es) centering around future and forward looking America and the people of America.  President Donald Trump’s programs could be used as a new foundation in its march to make America Great Again.


“Dieu avec nous “

Wednesday,  January 31,  2018.     –      12.  09 p.m   (IST)

Tidbit  :   ”  We all share the same Great American Flag ”  –   President Donald Trump.