” Favorite Little and Small Pleasures of Mother ” – December 23, 2017.

V. Komallavalli. 1932 – 2017.










1.   Little Pleasures are what she enjoyed;

High thinking is what she wanted us, children to excel in;

Small people are those to whom she bestowed her greatness; 

Big people are from whom she wanted us children, to learn from;

This has been her learning process in life.


2.  Never was she one afraid to face Challenges;

They are the ones that strengthened her resolve;

Her toils during the early years are the ones she would narrate often;

For they are the ones that enhanced her moral Strength;

This has sown the seeds of her independent life.


3.  Believe not in excuses;

Believe not in blamegames;

Believe not in impossible(s);

Believe right in God, ability, and work;

This has been the Credo in her life.


” Dieu  avec  nous “

Saturday,  December  23,  2017  –    6. 59 a.m.  (IST)

Tidbit  :  Mother’s  most  favorite  word  is  “HIS”   –   ‘Honesty,  Integrity,  and  Sincerity’. Continue reading