” Thanks to Mother ” – November 23, 2017.



V. Komallavalli. 1932 – 2017.










1.  My mother was raised by a single mother in Kumbakonam;

Toiling is what she learnt from her young age;

Doing all household chores and preparing food;

But never did she accept failure, and with work she also went to school.

She always set a high bar for all her school and  household work;

‘Set your mind fully on your task’ is her favorite phrase;

This is what she taught us children too, the value of  work.


2.  My Mother had six children,  2  daughters  and  4 boys;

Goddess of Fortune,    stay-at-home mother married to a leader engaged in unlocking a world of privileges at a Public Sector Bank;

 Princess of Mithali, stay-at-home mother married to an entrepreneur who is engaged in furthering the progress of Nualgi Biotech;

Man-lion, a versatile professional leading as the Executive Director of a Navarathna Public Sector Undertaking;

Monarch, the ultimate common-sense exponent, an Avant-Gardist Nano practiser;

Preserver Lord Vishnu, the one word master, making his public sector Bank special for customers and common men;

Mine of Nectar, the rare multiple degree holder navigating the chip revolution of the day;

No braggadacio, but the impact of my mother.


3.  Infectious has been mother’s love for apparel and artefacts  shopping;

She always struck a good deal with advantage to both the parties;

Faith and Family are the two values she shaped in our lives;

Self-discipline and self-reliance are the two intrinsic excellence(s) she embodied in our lives;

Fostering courage and confidence is how she inspired us, children;

Integrity and Honor are the two pillars she inculcated at the core of our actions;

Amazing, grateful, and incredible has been her influence in our lives, simply said.


” Dieu  avec  nous “

Thursday,  November  23,  2017     –     6. 19 a.m. (IST).

        Tidbit  :  ” My mother is the greatest lady I have ever seen “.









2 thoughts on “” Thanks to Mother ” – November 23, 2017.

    • I checked with the chief priest of Venkateswara temple and he concurs. “Rama+Ish(Ishwar), the ruler of Ramaa i.e. Lord Vishnu. Preserver saves people from danger, again Vishnu. Preserver is common to Indian, Sanskrit, and Persian (as far as origin is concerned).”
      “Nectar (Amirtham) is used for divine blessing specially of Lord Chandra (Moon). It is called Sudhakara.”
      Hope the clarification is in order.

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