” North Korea Threat is real ” – November 30, 2017.









A sense of urgency with the prospect of a War is prevailing now in the Korean Peninsula on the one hand, and between nations which are under imminent threat from what the consequences of failing to take firm and immediate action could be on the other. This is also a critical moment when  ‘world leadership’  shall display a better understanding of why stringent actions like ‘economic sanctions’;  cutting off supplies to North Korea by China, Russia, and other nations;  plus such other actions as financial, economic, and even social starving could not quickly send a final and extreme signal of warning to North Korea. US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley’s  words the day before even while sounding harsh should be perceived as the least that somebody uptil now striving for peace in the Peninsula and the world can utter under the testing times.


North Korea has undertaken nuclear tests  six or more times since September with the latest early this week (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile test which must have added its capability further) provoking the reemergence of the tone and tenor of the warnings even while creating some substantive strategic stress among the military personnel to be combat ready (specially those from U.S.A. ;  South Korea; and Japan ) which helps to accelerate the engagement, alignment, and conformity of all nations to be united against North Korea.


Leaders of the nations against North Korea need also reveal to the world that they are well connected with each other on this issue with no worries of any fear of condemnation domestically and internationally. Peace strategies through  ‘minds’  seem to have been rejected by the North Korean Leader who grows obstinate by the hour. This has now turned into a situation where the ‘hearts’ of leaders need to take precedence over their minds. Present situation does not lend itself to the abilities of nations at this juncture (they are well known to the world now) should a War break out, but more to finalising whether this provides the right ‘opportunity’ to prove what is right. “Nuclear proliferation is against the good of Humanity”.  The risks involved should not be allowed to scare the highly threatened from taking strong and justifiable action shedding any fear of dismissal or rejection by even a single nation, from any corner of the world.


I have tried to determine the probability of a War breaking out in the Korean Peninsula :  







The figure above indicates that the chance of a War between U.S.A.  and  DPRK in September was       0. 145.  Various elements contributing to the final probability can be seen from the figure.  (Also refer to my earlier pieces : 1. “Making Kim Jong Un a Nobody to Everybody” – September 19, 2017;  and  2.  ” Destroy the Country, (and/or) Restore the Country ?” – September 22, 2017. )








The figure above indicates the probability of a War between U.S.A.  and  DPRK now as  0. 475,  an increase of about  0. 330  clearly,  more than statistically significant.  The situation is highly complex as any sign of mellowing is not clearly evident in the Korean Leader’s  attitude, and the emotional declamations coupled with unrestrained testing of Ballistic missiles with extreme rhetoric is not diminishing.

(a)  No leader can claim to have all the answers to this monumental puzzle –  “whether a War with North Korea is the right move ?”  – ;  and  (b)  no leader can claim himself or herself to be upto what actions will be the most appropriate?;   and in fact  (c)   no leader at this stage can even clearly say where they are moving even as they communicate with each other normally. It is the nature of unpredictability of the aggressor’s (DPRK) disposition on the one hand,  and the seemingly apparent consensus among the nations opposed to the aggressor on the other that will decide the event.


Whether any corrective measures of resolution can emerge as a miracle at this juncture in defusing the situation will be the hope of every discerning citizen of this world, but the threat from and by North Korea to the world is for real.


” Dieu avec nous “

Thursday,  November 30,  2017  –  9. 59 p.m (IST)

Tidbit :. ” The two most powerful warriors are patience and time ” – Leo Tolstoy.


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” Global Enterpreneurship Summit 2017 – Enter’Soft’preneurship is the Central Theme ” November 27, 2017.








                  U.S..A.  and  India  jointly holds the Eighth Annual Global Enterpreneurship Summit (GES – 2017) in Hyderabad, Telangana, during 28-30 November 2017.


The Theme of the Summit is “Women First, Prosperity for all”.  Empowering and supporting Women Enterpreneurship and fostering economic growth will be the chief focus.


Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s advisor, and a successful entrepreneur.


Ivanka Trump,  chief adviser to the U.S. President Donald Trump will lead the effort from U.S.A.’s  part.


Four Major Industry Segments will be covered in this Summit :

1.  Health Care & Life Sciences :  Solutions to expand the lives of global citizens;  Improve the quality of life of citizens;  and enhancement of the Speed of diagnosis and care will be the main components.

2.   Digital Economy and Financial technology :  Advanced communication access to banking services; reducing fraud;  lower transaction costs; and grown economies will be the major components. Smartphones will be the chief device aiding all facets of conducting a business. Payment systems, fintech disruptors, failure of manufacturing, tech for a cashless society are to be keenly watched.

3.   Energy and Infrastructure :  Maximize efficiency, minimise waste, managing water, cities of tomorrow, modernising mobility Infrastructure, and providing easy and quick access to goods & services will be keenly observed in this segment.

4.   Media and Entertainment :  Digital media platforms are providing new ways for people to learn ways to seek information and express ideas. The twin benefits of this core is its impact on innovation & technology on the one hand and sharing culture and creativity on the other.

Advancing women’s opportunities is the essence of all these industry specific initiatives.

That the GES  Speaker directory lists 51 women speakers to 42 men speakers is probably the justice that the organisers paid to the Summit Theme in the first place encouraging everyone participating and listening/watching the proceedings through any media to take the lead further to fruition.


Now to add views personally :  First,  it is expected that  ‘ AI,  Digital network analysis,  and  Embedded analytics’  will be the  “focus”  from hereon marking a fresh path to the future.  Just to cite three examples here : (i )  Wellness aided by tech,  (ii )  Biometrics for authentication vigorously,  and  (iii )  Health Education at Nano level will be the future emphasis in one of the Segments. Smartphone applications in some form or the other is already disrupting this segment.

Second,  Rather than continuing with macrolevel and microlevel programs and courses in various disciplines listed in Segments earlier,  “Nano learning/Nano level”  programs/courses targeting specific applications that will better fit the citizens at the corporate and social level should be promoted in institutions of higher learning. Education today is changing from the age-old  “bachelor’s degrees”  to  the  age-appropriate  “on-demand jobs programs”  capable of skill enhancing and occupational excellence.

Third,  failure is often rejected and forgotten easily without learning.  Most speakers in this Summit will sure emphasise the ” learning and improvement”  opportunities afforded by Failures, which if properly assimilated and embraced can bring to life not just the potential in the entrepreneur but also their purpose(s), aspirations and dreams.


This Summit being held for the first time in Asia, I hope, will be more than worth its salt.

P.M. Modi








” Dieu  avec  nous “

Monday,  November  27,  2017   –    9 . 59 p.m. (IST).

Tidbit :  ” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent ”  –  Eleanor Roosevelt.



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” Thanks to Mother ” – November 23, 2017.



V. Komallavalli. 1932 – 2017.










1.  My mother was raised by a single mother in Kumbakonam;

Toiling is what she learnt from her young age;

Doing all household chores and preparing food;

But never did she accept failure, and with work she also went to school.

She always set a high bar for all her school and  household work;

‘Set your mind fully on your task’ is her favorite phrase;

This is what she taught us children too, the value of  work.


2.  My Mother had six children,  2  daughters  and  4 boys;

Goddess of Fortune,    stay-at-home mother married to a leader engaged in unlocking a world of privileges at a Public Sector Bank;

 Princess of Mithali, stay-at-home mother married to an entrepreneur who is engaged in furthering the progress of Nualgi Biotech;

Man-lion, a versatile professional leading as the Executive Director of a Navarathna Public Sector Undertaking;

Monarch, the ultimate common-sense exponent, an Avant-Gardist Nano practiser;

Preserver Lord Vishnu, the one word master, making his public sector Bank special for customers and common men;

Mine of Nectar, the rare multiple degree holder navigating the chip revolution of the day;

No braggadacio, but the impact of my mother.


3.  Infectious has been mother’s love for apparel and artefacts  shopping;

She always struck a good deal with advantage to both the parties;

Faith and Family are the two values she shaped in our lives;

Self-discipline and self-reliance are the two intrinsic excellence(s) she embodied in our lives;

Fostering courage and confidence is how she inspired us, children;

Integrity and Honor are the two pillars she inculcated at the core of our actions;

Amazing, grateful, and incredible has been her influence in our lives, simply said.


” Dieu  avec  nous “

Thursday,  November  23,  2017     –     6. 19 a.m. (IST).

        Tidbit  :  ” My mother is the greatest lady I have ever seen “.









” To My Mother ” – November 2017.


V. Komallavalli, 1932 – 2017.










” She exuded kindness in face ;

She exuded kindness in eyes ;

She exuded kindness in smile;

She exuded kindness in action ;

With no reciprocity expected in return,

She let her kindness echo in gift,

Every little thing she did with big impact. “




” She did not count her good deeds in life;

But she always started with me, the closest;

She did not count her many prayers with service in life ;

But she always started with me, the closest ;

She did not count the number of times she reached out her hands to others in life ;

But she always started with me, the closest ;

Not much wealth, but good deeds, prayers, and lending hand in charity are treasures earned. “



She’ll guide by less talk, but more examples of conduct ;

She’ll guide by being everybody to anybody in family ;

She’ll guide by first accepting and following the will of God ;

She’ll guide and move us by silence, like how the stars, sun, and moon move ;

She’ll guide by being ordinary and genuine in words ;

She’ll guide us by creating ripples in waters of issues and events, small and big ;

She’ll lead us by not waiting for leaders, but by fighting alone as she did till her last breath. “


” Dieu avec nous “

Wednesday,  November   8,  2017    –    6. 09  a.m.  (IST).

Tidbit  :   ” Challenges,  Obstacles,  Effort,  Criticism,  and  Success of others are the chief characteristics  of  any  Growth  mindset “