” Ode to Mother ” – October 23, 2017.

  1. V. Komallavalli, 1932 – 2017.










1.      She was like the pen in the hand of God;

guiding us children .

She was like the lamp in the hand of God;

making our careers glow.

She was like the instrument in the hand of God;

consummating our goals.

She was like the flower in the hand of God;

giving us fresh perspectives.


2.     She worked eidently, diligently, but quietly;

She built One Seven Six One, her fruit of labour;

To give Happiness and Peace of Soul to her progeny; 

To stand proud in the eyes of family and friends.


3.     Her presence brought new light in our hearts;

Her care brought the magnet focusing our path;

Her concern brought the kiss of Goddess Lakshmi

close to us;

Her prayer brought the glue holding us together.


4.       Her smile was the beginning of love;

Her faith was the strength of life;

Her help to the fallen was just a drop in the ocean;

But without which the ocean always will miss something.



5.       She wanted her children to be more truthful than successful;

She wanted her children to be more hungry for simplicity & humility, than undue ostensibility;

She wanted her children to make errors in benevolence than Rights in malevolence;

She still lives in our memories like the Goddess Lakshmi in disguise in heaven.



” Dieu avec nous “

Monday,  October  23, 2017     –     6. 09 a.m. (IST)

Tidbit : ” The greatest support system that one can have in life is  ‘Mother’  ”   –   SR















” World Needs More ‘Gandhis’ Today ” – October 2, 2017.



Mahatma Gandhi in stamps released by Posts & Telegraph department in India.

                   Management Guru,  Late Professor Prahalad (Michigan state university, U.S.A.) enlightened us with his path breaking concept and practices of the Bottom of the Pyramid. Power and influence concentrated in the uppermost part of the Pyramid is reversed, he averred in his book. The Pyramid is inverted.


Common people now sit at the top exerting influence via. cellphone and web that is felt by people at the top, specially when they fail to deliver on their promises to people. The civil unrest in many countries since 2012 specially (Tunisia) is evidence enough.


In the late part of last decade, Hillary Clinton during her trip to South Africa evaded officials and met with representatives of independent NGOs which were becoming more prominent than even the Government;  which were getting interconnected  efficiently than even the Government;  which were exerting influence with appeal to people much stronger than even the Government.


The above spelt a paradigm shift defining, guiding, and transferring  the course and direction of progress and prosperity in the society throughout the world.


Novel ideas even earlier have helped  evolve and bring about social and democratic changes in countries of the world.


In Ireland at the height of their “troubles” it was felt that the only solution for rabid sectarianism was to let 1000  punk rock bands bloom. Music helped create a free space for dialogue. No politicians allowed, involved, or intervened.


Celebration of an Art Festival that held the origin of  3  Abrahamic religions viz. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam was mooted successfully with Jerusalem as the first/obvious place.


Remember also the generous  act of East Europeans during the middle of the first decade of this millennium to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.


Remember also the brave Iranians who continued to take to streets despite the certainty of brutal repression during almost the sametime.


The world faces more challenges of this nature with unpredictable consequences now than ever before.


More than 4,00,000  Rohingya Muslims fled Myanmar  since August 25, 2017,  setting the course for humanitarian disaster of historic proportions. The military crackdown of the ethnic population call for the emergence of a ‘Soul’ that can possibly restrict the cycle of violence and radicalization in the country.


                               More than 1,00,000 refugees took asylum in Germany in 2015 against the wishes of people, and the problems that followed impacted Angela Merkel’s government and Germany for the first time in 60 years with AFD’s representation in Parliament today. A new scenario may well unfold soon.


North Korea’s ambitious Kim Jong Un is preparing himself to go to any length to counter the US President’s castigation, even to the point of a physical war with serious implications to the entire world. This requires nothing short of a supernatural power, a supernatural event,  or a supernatural soul to avert the consequences reaching a catastrophic proportion.


Civil unrest, turmoil, violations of Human Rights,  and violence are not an exception but almost a rule today in countries worldwide, be it U.S.A.,   Europe,  Africa,  or  Asia.


And this is what makes the  “remembrance”  of  Mahatma Gandhi and his practices of non-violence  to overcome human suppression extremely relevant today.


” Dieu avec nous “


Monday,  October  2,  2017    –      1. 19 p.m.  (IST)


Tidbit  :  ” In times of war, the first casualty is  truth ”   –  Boake  Carter.