” Will Failures Build Strength in the Leader ? ” – September 30, 2017.

       ” Ayudha  Puja  Greetings  to   all “





–   He rules the greatest force God has created  in this world.


–  He tries to get things done and gain credit, but recognition eludes him each time.


–   He tries to bring out of his exalted position that carried him into it every good to people, but seems to be losing his way Everytime.


–   He tries to shower words of flowers on people, but seems to be having pebbles thrown at him.


–   He practices the system of close dictators and far spectators without striving to achieve it with focus.


–   He hopes that the weather will be good for him everyday, but it has not happened so far with only his opponents getting the better of him most of the time.


–  He hopes to make history, even while not keeping his  e-act  shut and not learning from errors.


–   He claims to preserve the freedom of people amidst intense social warfare without being able to liberate the many common people from the few evil-minded instruments.


–   He  seems ignorant of where to begin to improve the nation;  first one’s  own corner and then others’   corners.


–   Will he drive the hidden power of water turning it to ice or steam, and get the rock of inefficiency crack and charge the pistons to their zenith of performance and accountability ?


How long does one wait ?



” Dieu avec nous “


Saturday,  September  30,  2017.       _      10. 39 p.m.  (IST)


Tidbit :  ” He who would improve mankind must start with himself “.
















” Mother Simple in Easy Words ” – September 25, 2017.

V. Komallavalli. 1932 – 2017.

    Mother’s book is closed,    

Her  life is done,

Her pages full ,

Of tasks, jobs  accomplished.





She taught self-reliance,

She perfected independent ability,

She lived to sacrifice,

For family, friends and neighbors.


She  gave  joy,

She  gave  care,

Full of hopes,

All realised in life.


                  She carried hope,

                  Scattering  all  care,

Completed  with  dreams,

Written in every  nucleus of  cell.


Be someone,  child,

She  uttered  to  all,

Her  life  brings,

Even  after  her  end,

Deep  in  substance,

But  will  never  another  mother.


Will  it  not  be  worth  emulating,

Will  it  not  bring  her  dreams  true,

If  we  followed  her  spirit,

Right  through  all  our  lives ?


“Dieu  avec  nous”

Monday,  September  25,  2017  –   9. 59  p.m.  (IST).

Tidbit :  ” What  is  life  without  mother ?   Modern ?”.










” Destroy the Country; (and/or) Restore the Country ? ” – September 22, 2017.

                                                                     Kim Jong Un retaliated in words to American President Donald Trump’s comments on North Korea in his Speech at the UN General Assembly thus :


                              ” I’ll make the man holding the prerogative of the Supreme Command in the US pay for his speech calling for totally destroying the DPRK. Whatever Trump might have expected, he’ll face results beyond his expectation. He is unfit to hold the prerogative of Supreme Command of a country; and he is surely a rogue and a gangster fond of playing with fire … …  rather than a politician.”



                     ” American President, Donald Trump, announced new sanctions by Companies, individuals doing business with North Korea. He also added that China has ordered its banks to stop business with North Korea. “


Will the war of words lead to a real War is what everyone will be watching with bated breath from now on.


                               Let me first cite the two obvious features of the new world known to most people :


                         1.   Countries around the world face Security and Safety threats increasingly as a result of changing aspirations of people ; easy access to complex technology design & solutions; and consolidation of extreme elements/organizations with similar focus and objectives of war mongering.


                    2.   Countries around the world need to adopt new approaches to improve their design capabilities vis-à-vis their operations/efficiencies of combat and protective systems.


What is less obvious but new and challenging is that nations today need to identify, prioritize, and design strategies to meet the threat and challenge by putting oneself in devoir first before striving for a collective action.


No blame or excuse management is purposed here.


Countries tend to compete in the security sphere, more so today than ever before, as we witness in business and other economic sectors.


In trying to deal with change President Donald Trump is adopting a new approach centered on ‘aggression’ in words, a total departure from the conventional and the dignified approach of ‘diplomacy’ that worked well and works well even this day.


President Donald Trump is possibly hoping that his approach to put fear in the minds of opponents – though an old vine in a new bottle in terms of tactics – may well find support and favor from his audience. In effect this is his different way of thinking (and strategising with wordy duels first) through a different lens.


Whether it really reflects the vast changes in people’s attitudes, expectations, tolerance, capabilities  OR  the nation’s surveillance, monitoring, strike methods, and implementation efficiency is uncertain at this juncture.


With the above factors in our minds, I now set out to determine the possibility of a War between U.S.A. and DPRK  –  that I designated as the Top Event in my previous piece titled, “Making Kim Jong Un a Nobody to Everybody” -September 19, 2017.


The figure below represents such a statistical probability clearly :


The individual chances for each of the sub event(s) are specified in fractions in the figure.


The figure clearly indicates that the chance of a War between U.S.A.  and  DPRK  is 0. 145;     (1 is the maximum) as of now. It is evedent that there still remains room for measures to avert the catastrophic event spelling dangers to the two nations as well as the general population.


The situation, nevertheless, remains strained. The chance factor does not show the occurrence of the Top Event to be unacceptable or high, but in a situation where emotional declamations run high the Top Event may well be unpredictable, but emphasizes the urgent need for corrective measures.


” Dieu avec nous “


Saturday,  September 23, 2017  –   6.49 a.m.  (IST).


Tidbit  :  ” To be prepared for War is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace ”  –  George Washington : Annual address to both Houses of Congress;  1790.










” Making Kim Jong-Un a Nobody to Everybody ” – September 19, 2017.

  1.                                  US  President Donald     US  President Donald  Trump delivered his maiden speech at the UN General Assembly  this morning.


If the US  President’s threat to North Korea in August to “unleash fire and fury” adding that “US military is locked and loaded”  was a rousing stimulant to Kim Jong-Un who responded in words : “a load of nonsense”  and  “bereft of reason”;  the US President’s threat this time in the UN General Assembly speech with the following :

” US  has great strength and patience, but if forced to defend itself or its allies, then US will have no choice but to totally destroy North Korea”;

” Rocket man ( read Kim Jong-Un) is on a suicidal mission for himself and his regime”;

” Righteous many to confront the wicked few lest the evil triumph”;

–  is like administering a deadly poison, a silent killer, with potential to inflict irreparable damage  to the nation, that is North Korea.


The speech by the US President, perceived by many as provocatory and antithetical (emphasising nationalism cum working within borders while at the same time following multilateralism;  eminence of sovereign states while simultaneously pitching for the nation’s Global view and partnerships – seen as contradictory)  from the podium of an Institution engaged in preserving and promoting cooperation and collaboration for peace and freedom from War,   can only be classed as somewhat untunable and unweened but not unsupportable.


Near complacency and soft attitude of some nations which only emboldens the “band of criminals” (as per the words of the US President) but not yet tried to engage in more of the same  ill’- o’mened activities in quick succession, i.e. North Korea’s frequent testing of ballistic missiles, and nuclear warheads.  The decades old doctrine alluding to having an objective existence and ties have little or no place in this new order where threats to Safety, Security, and Sovereignty of nations are becoming imminent from many unknown quarters with the resultant pain and destruction felt only after one is hit hard.


Viewed in the above context, the US President’s call for the perpetrator’s actions to be nipped in the bud itself with strong measures may well be in order.


None would seek a blood-sacrifice in this critical period, howsoever noble the cause be, and the tool which by its instrumentality can bring about a way to end this conundrum lies in all other nations to rise up together and “isolate”  North Korea  ECONOMICALLY.










  Kim Jong-Un is fully aware of the wrong he is doing, and only total economic isolation invoking and aggravating the “fear”  in his mind can possibly get him on board. This will also provide a good guide or model based on well meaning principles, rules, or past analysis or conclusions from the malicious acts of any bad ruler in future. It is a pure morality play without cause for error.


This alone can make North Korea a nobody to anybody and everybody, and herein lies the solution to discipline the ill-disciplined.


Will every nation, specially in the UN, come out strongly to the point of virtually ostracising Kim Jong-Un as a mark of Global  Unity is what time can tell.


Let me now present a simple scientific approach to the combination of events that can cause the Top Event I designate as a War between U.S.A.  and North Korea. The figure below depicts the events in the form of a tree with branches placed in a logical and sequential order downward toward the bottom of the figure :










   For the War to happen two primary events need to materialise : (a) Existence of an Incitant, and (b) an Irrational response from one of two nations.  Irrational response is self explanatory and can happen anytime for any reason. So let me break the ‘existence of incitant’  code further. Two factors merit attention: (a) Extreme rhetoric urging action which is what the observers have been witnessing in the last couple of months;  and (b)  minor/major irritation that either nation may feel can induce the incitant further. Both these factors are already in play at this juncture. Extreme Rhetoric can result in a war of words moving further towards a minor/major scuffle or turmoil felt by either nation impacting the general population. This has not happened yet,  a blessing for now.  Minor/major irritation can also be due to accelerated piling up of nuclear material;  launching more ballistic missiles; some even crossing the skies and territories of the uninvolved nations, deliberate or otherwise,  (say Japan or South Korea  … ) – all of which are already in place to a certain degree even if it has succeeded in keeping the anxious and agitated nations still ‘tolerant’.  


I believe that this gives considerable insight into the combination and sequences of events relating to a War/no War. The consequences are, however, quite apparent to the administrators, policymakers, and military officials/observers. Further analysis in terms of the importance of the events and quantification of consequences/impact are in the domain of scientists and academia.


” Dieu avec nous “


Wednesday,   September 20, 2017.   –      3. 49 a.m.   (IST)


Tidbit  :   ” North Korea vowed to turn Washington into a sea of fire ”