” President Donald Trump’s meet with President Vladimir Putin – Words Succeed, Actions to Speak” July 7, 2017.









“Not just sound ideals, but sound vitals overall” –  decorated the 2 hours and 15 minutes meeting between the US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. 


What stood out in this meeting have been  (a)  the perfect engagement that President Donald Trump struck with President Vladimir  Putin  in their talks on Election meddling,  (b)  President Donald Trump pressing thrice during discussions on this issue,  (c)  President Donald Trump expressing his deep concerns of the “American People”,  (d)  President Donald Trump giving some force to the general thinking back in the  US that there had been incontrovertible opinion about Russian meddling in their elections in 2016,  (e)  their body postures of leaning forward indicating their staid and earnest approach in the  discussions,   and  (f)  their consistent and evenly spread expressions, as reflected in the general perceptions,  signaling an elegant and classy meeting   –   all these despite the different versions of the discussion on election meddling from the Russian Foreign Minister and the US Secretary of state,   Russian FM describing it as ‘acceptance’ of their version of non-interference and the US Secretary of state describing it as ‘undeniable’.  Diplomacy at its best is the conclusion. 


President Donald Trump’s confident and certain position is a positive sign to the  American People back home.  For those who have been inclined to the incredulity of the success of the meeting earlier,  “expect the unexpected”  seems the answer from President Donald Trump. 


Would President Donald Trump have made Russia have his way is what will confirm the meeting as an excellent example of  “Diplomacy”  only to be judged by future actions, say, in Germany (September election) and later in the US in 2018 & 2020,  Russian alignment in resisting North Korean ambitions,  Syrian ceasefire,   and the fight against terrorism.


Without coming to any unfortunate conclusions at this juncture, even while taking the meeting at its face value, it can safely be termed that President Donald Trump has made clear to the world what U. S. A.  stands for,  i.e. concerns of “American People”  whose opinion is a strong force for the good.  Will the  world accept this and come back to America? 


“Dieu  avec  nous”

Saturday,      July  8,    2017     –       7.49  a.m. , (IST) 

Tidbit  : ” In today’s world it  will be better to be the least frustrating  Leader”.