” President Donald Trump and PM Narendra Modi Summit in White House – lever de rideau to a Bright Future Partnership ? ” – June 26, 2017

  1.                                                               President Donald Trump seems to have made PM Modi his (Trump’s) way at this juncture without cutting the relationship too fat.


Obviously there has not been much change in what each was laying emphasis, nationally and globally. Counterterrorism Cooperation;  Jobs/innovation;   and National Growth;   were the threads linking their promotion of cooperation.


Naming Syed Salahuddin, the Hizbul Chief, specially as a Global Terrorist (viewed as a strategic partnership in Counterterrorism Cooperation)  is a  Win for India, while most other issues point to a reiteration of what each leader individually believes in placing for domestic consumption. With the world at large from east to west experiencing terrorism in different measures, nobody can pick a Summit neglecting this issue.  Cooperation is a must,  and diplomacy is at its best.

President Donald Trump cut boon whids liberally;  :  ” A True Friend;   PM Modi and I are world leaders in Social Media (securing support for his Twitter plays);   PM Modi’s accomplishments have been vast;   Both countries invest in each other promoting growth;   Ties between the two countries have never been stronger and better;  We’ll work together to destroy radical Islamic terrorists. ”


President Donald Trump also played his cards fairly and squarely on the table spelling out : ” Barriers to export of US goods be reduced in an effort to counter the trade deficit;   We are looking forward to increase our energy partnership in ‘American Natural Gas’;   We’ll be catching up with your growth soon in terms of % and we’re working on it vigorously;   We’re looking forward to working with you in increasing our jobs, with a special reference to the 100 Boeing aircraft order by the Indian Airlines ”   –    all of these making his trade, commerce, and investment priorities clear in a way distinguishing real actions from dialogues. His concerns are well understood.


President Donald Trump nationally is now on a sticky ground on account of. : (a)  Complete uncertainty of required support for his Healthcare Bill;  and (b)    the recent developments raising the temperature of discussions in media, reports by analysts, and among the general populace on investigations of collusion between Russia and Trump campaign officials in the 2016 Election, that may even include obstruction of justice. Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on some aspects of travel ban and an assurance of dealing with travel ban issue by October 2017 may reduce some stress, pressure, and discomfort in discharging his duties.


PM Modi on the other hand suffers more from national discussions favoring mostly the wrong end of his stick of issues sensitive or otherwise.


Both President Donald Trump and PM Modi are on course to acquiring a “brand” status in their respective nations marked by their unified purpose of Growth, Jobs, Infrastructure, tinged with a hue of  nationalistic fervour as key elements.


Both President Donald Trump and PM Modi have witnessed little advances in terms of Culture and Relief on this score which can only be rated as shallow at this point in time. Both have won key elections after their inaugural (PM Modi had some reverses though initially) that can help them occupy elevated positions as “People Persons”.


PM Modi’s Washington Summit has to be viewed against this background, and this has been the best opportunity for both leaders to earn an advantage.


I wrote in my earlier piece : ” Americans Whang the Gavel for Order and Growth” – June 21, 2017, in  what follows  :  ” Calibrated restraint in expressions;   Persuasive play by ear advances;  and a Henotic touch to missteps, events, and terror related incidents in initial prefatory discussions will be the key prescriptions ” in dealing with a leader of the nature and stature (Trump), as they will be the same keys for the amygdaloidal leader to engage with other leaders of the World.


If President Donald Trump and  PM Modi can stick together after the meet, it’ll be good for both of them individually and nationally. Both of them are still striving for their great upward extension politically as a “leader” despite some likely promising outcomes ( GST and Demonetisation in PM Modi’s case;  and Travel Ban, Immigration, Safety and Security; Jobs; and Healthcare Bill to some extent in the case of President Donald Trump).


In the final analysis President Donald Trump has made the best of this summit with his pet theme of Control of Terrorism;  and Business/Jobs prospects for his people, while yielding something to the other and an  ell’end  measurement  may reveal a 55:45 score.


Is this what everybody was thinking will emerge from an envelope with a window in it ?


Better left to the perception individually and independently of every citizen –  whether the ultimate analysis will be based on core expertise  or  simple commonsense.


” Dieu  avec  nous ”

Tuesday,  June 27,  2017          –        4.39 p.m.  (IST)

Tidbit  :   ”  Cut in Federal Job Training funding by 40%. It now decreases from $ 2.7 billion to  $ 1.6 billion. “