“Five Pragmatic Doctrines from ‘degage’ Soul”

    We,  children,  drew  our  logical  progressions  in  life  with  distinctive  mark  and  class   imbibing  from   our  parents’   Five  Fundamental  Principles  as  Guide  to  our  behavior  in  our  lives  till  now.    My   parents  taught  us  the  Five  Moral  Offences  to  avoid  :  “Anger,  Desire,  Envy,  Laziness,  and  Ostentation “.

This  is  presenting  the  Five  Simple  Lessons   –   often ignored or overlooked   –   in  today’s  dog-eat-dog  world  of   opacity,  intrigue,  wire-pulling   and  manipulation  making  even  the  most  promising and  prospective  careers  fail.

 1.     Never  talk  of  Rules  and  Good  Governance  unless  you  want  to make  others  prosperous  at  your  cost.

2.    Never  take  initiative  at  Work  unless you  are  clear  about  the  prospect  of  future  good  (  to  the organization  and  self );   your  fitness  and  abilities;  a  reasonable  level  of  infrastructural  support  for  your  views;   and  a  reasonable  allocation  of  resources  for  the  task.

3.    Never  agree  to  work  as  a  member  of  any  team  if  your  Specific  Role  and  supposed  Outcome/Benefits  are  not  clear.   Advice  and  Counsel  are  not  given  unless  sought.

4.    Never  agree  to  Cooperate  or  offer  any  Constructive  Suggestions  if  you  cannot  get  all  the  relevant  facts  relating to  the  task;   never  try  to  recruit  your  subordinates  and  even  engage  freely  with  anyone  without  knowing  fully  his/her  background,  experience,  and  interests.

5.    Never  take  any  help  or  favor  from  any one  unless  you  can  reciprocate  in  a  manner  perceivable  as  satisfying  to  the  individual  from  whom  you  take  the  help.  Everything  in  this  world  has  a  cost  attached  to  it.

Follow  the  simple  (OBVIOUS)    doctrines  and  succeed;  or   breach  the  doctrines  and  be  doomed !   Experience  and  wisdom  speaks  here.  You  are  leading  your  life  anyway.

” Dieu  avec  nous “

Monday,   March  31,  2014     –     10.29  a.m.

Tidbit   :    ” I  am  not  Heartless;   I  only  use  my  Heart   Less.”


“Is Kejriwal skilled to put his challengers in the shade in Varanasi ?” – India Seeks.

Kejriwal has opened the possibility of contesting against Narendra Modi in Varanasi. Kejriwal is considered a public official. He also kept himself engaged in public affairs, specially in the last 3 years. He has been challenging the established political parties and in some manner even discredits them for the national malaise caused. His first election to a Public Office is the coveted Chief Minister of Delhi ( even if it was just a short but not sweet 49 days) – an accomplishment that unsettled even seasoned politicians to surprise and shock. Public anger, frustration, and  disreputable/sinister ! deals of the times  spawned his emergence and made him even the  “Hero of the Common Man” – although during his  49 day stint as the Chief minister of Delhi he was described as an  ‘anarchist’  with quick temperament. He has now expressed his desire clearly to win the election  (in Varanasi) in his own right.

Kejriwal’s strengths in this election are rooted in a couple of  ‘obvious’  facts :  1.  Win or Lose, he has no axe to grind;  2.  Peoples’ eagerness to experience a shift from the customariness in every facet of human endeavor today.

  How can he meet the challenges ?  Here are my  ‘Three’  strategy tips for Kejriwal to focus in this election.

   1.   He should strongly advocate a New Model of Nationalism and a New Design of Freedom supporting what people are yearning for but feel uncomfortable to spell out clearly its distinctive qualities.

  2.   Kejriwal, today, enjoys a formidable P/E Ratio  (Political justice/Economic opportunity) in Stocks parlance.  He needs to speak out his strengths in terms of how the ‘Government shall regulate Big Business’ without any display of anti-business sentiments. Please note that businesses today also long for a favorable change in this direction.  Kejriwal can possibly articulate his vision of the Government being just a  ‘trustee’  of controlling and supervising the economy in the public interest for the public weal.  Eradicating the artificial advantages needs focus here.

3.   Kejriwal should be cognizant 0f the  ‘Doppler  Shift’  to make  his pitch in Varanasi sustain and grow (by each day )  till the  D-day.  This implies that he should stay put in Varanasi raising the vibrations of Good  Governance  by every minute, even while the other big challengers stay away/outside with just a sprinkling of periodic visits.

Will Kejriwal be able to strike the fear of failure in the minds of his challengers in Varanasi ?  May be, Yes;  May be,  No !   Can’t say anything now.  His success ‘mantra’  will, however, lie in judiciously aligning his earned ‘common-man platform’  with  adopted high-tech wonders put to work.  Remember,  Kejriwal’s  AAP  is one of the key political constituents to use the Social Media to highlight,  market,  and garner support for his campaign.  He enjoys grass roots  support  as  well in reasonable measure.

The sixty-four thousand dollar question, however,  is whether  Kejriwal can  transform himself to be an   “Action  Hero”  on May 16, 2014.

” Dieu  avec  nous “

Wednesday,  March  26,  2014   –    5.59 a.m.  (IST)

Tidbit  :    ”  Calvin Coolidge (30th President of U.S.A.) was an ardent fisherman, and fishing in River Brule was one of his favorite ways of relaxing from his presidential duties.  Returning to Washington from one such excursion, the president was asked if he’d had any luck.  ‘Well, he drawled. ‘I estimate that there are forty-five thousand fish in the River Brule, and although I haven’t caught them all yet, I’ve INTIMIDATED them.”

   Even if Kejriwal can do anything similar in respect of voting patterns in Varanasi in this election, he would stand  as  a man of accomplishment.


“Some Strategies for Political Candidates to embrace ‘a bras ouverts’ ” – India seeks

I still have the brilliant mental images of my parents endowed with abundant commonsense guiding us, children, with the proleptical words in vernacular language which, translated in English,  will read  :  “My boys,  It is easier to travel from economy to extravagance but very hard to go from  extravagance to economy.”  They were the favourites among neighbours and ‘bien pensant’ family circles.  Never did they, or we – their children – imagined at that time that it will be not just the wistful forecast for our future as individuals and families but to all nations equally too. It was my pre high school days. Moderation based strongly on needs and not extravagance – be it in celebrations, family meetings or past-time activities – has been the  “CORE VALUE” prescribed to us.

Our nation stands to follow the above now.  More so than ever before, common people like many of us in India today face an unmanageable set of alternatives. Yes, I am referring to the General Election, May  2014. Perhaps, this time we need to take a great risk – again as never before –  in electing a genuine, real, veritable, characteristic, just  Government acquiescent to the aspirations of everyone of us. It is extremely important that every voter takes note of the Big Picture Vision of what is happening to our economic, societal and moral strengths before pledging our destiny in the hands of our Future Leaders (May 2014). It is in this context that the ‘Selection’ of candidates by the parties will assume critical importance.

My Five tips for the parties engaged in selection process :

1.   Avoid  Internal  Disputes :  External factors influencing the electoral process  ( be it in allocation of seats; raising resources;  or the ‘3M’ – Men, Materials & Money – ) are so tough that no party can afford to have internal disputes without preparing themselves to stare at failure.  Do not simply set down rules for self and other candidates.  Assess your core strengths and make plans to sail through difficulties as you see. Congress’s  delayed selection process in Tamilnadu reveals a lot.  Parliament Board & central Election committee’s  nomination of  BJP patriarch in Gujarat is another.

2.   Look  Inward  :   Do not ever question the authority of the High Command.  Question yourself first,  Candidates will do well to start questioning themselves, their own activities (past and present), their own judgement on people, issues and campaign strategies.  Each candidate should look inward and do a soul searching.  When things are not just right or perfect look at how he/she could do differently to win over the people. Make contingency plans to add vigor to the campaign.

3.   Respect Changing Demographics, Psycho graphics, and Lifestyles  :   There is a perceptible shift in the demographics  now here.  Lifestyle changes and psycho graphics,  boom and bust cycles of the first decade of this millennium, social changes of the past two years from Tunisia to Syria have altered the value system and aspirations of our people drastically.  More talent and exposure comes from the youth but with growing discontent and disenchantment with the political system.  Uncertainty prevails. No one can be sure of success in this environment. Discounting ‘silvers’  as some parties are up to is not a good strategy.   ‘Age should think, and youth should do.’  Have at least one third ‘silvers’ in the contest.  No more than half the number of total candidates as  ‘youth’ in your list.  This is a proven winning strategy.

4.   Revamp the Nature of your Campaign :   It is not a straitjacket circumstance for the candidates in this election. To cope with this condition, one needs to  constantly change the Style, Arrangement, and  Contents of the campaign.  Change the pattern of your campaign speech by your power of pouring with Questions and Answers.  Catechism is the success mantra here.  It simulates two way interaction  without actually being so.  Highly effective  in  today’s  environment.  Also, do not fail to give the wire to all your concerned  aficiona’dos.  It has a multiplier effect in campaigns.

5.   Beat your Chief Villain  :   Chief Villain is your  main opponent.  Choose with superior wisdom a key  syllable  to describe  or name the Villain.  If  he/she is unfair, implacable and unnatural –  use the syllable  ‘morte’  often  to make a good impact. Repeat  this  as often as you could in every forum you take part in.  This is a novel strategy without any illegal or offensive connotation.  Choose a proper vernacular word.

Your campaign should  never be a spell of  ‘ mauvais quart d’heure ‘  for  yourself,  your  party  and  for  the  assembled  crowd.  This  will ensure,  I am sure.   Good  Luck !

” Dieu avec nous “

Wednesday,  March 19,  2014  –   9.59 p.m.  (IST)

Tidbit  :   ” Be a Lion at  Home  and  a  Fox  Away. “


“Awaiting ‘Emotional Welcome’ and ‘Emotional Farewell’ to Candidates in May 2014” – India seeks.

Kejriwal is holding back the option of contesting the Election against Modi in Varanasi.  He is also aware that notwithstanding the prevalent Hindu Culture & Heritage promising the Modi camp, the fortunes of Kejriwal cannot be dismissed completely.  Here’s why it is so :

1. This election will be ruled mostly by ‘Emotion’ than any other factor. Compounding that is the information overload making faster the pace of reach.  2.  This election will also be witness to  many neophytes/greenhorns emerging on our political firmament while many stalwarts biting the dust and even fading into oblivion.

Parallels are not difficult to examine.

A.    ‘Emotional Decision Making’ has the Capacity to offset any other factor in an election. True.

1.  Recall the success of Janata Party,  a hastily formed coalition  campaigning on the platform of ‘Restoration of Democracy’ after the misdeeds of Emergency in the 70s. Janata Party garnered 298 seats and Congress lost control of the nation for the first time in its history.  Emotions prevailed.

2.   Recall the landslide victory of Rajiv Gandhi in 1984 after the assassination of Indira Gandhi.  Congress garnered 414 seats and the opposition decimated. NTR’s Telugu Desam was the second largest with 30 seats.  AIADMK 12,  BJP just Two.  Emotions prevailed again.  Anyone who imagined that Rajiv Gandhi was a novice in Politics & National Growth Activities had to eat their own words when he planted, nurtured and grew the  Computer Revolution in India.

  Today’s environment is not any different with corruption and concealed deals as the main platform raising the emotions of people in a way unheard of in the past.

B.   ‘Better  Performance goes only with Qualifications & Experience’, Politics, business or otherwise..  Not true  always :

It is a general misconception that only experienced politicians can lead the nation fairly, forcibly and without blemish.  I have been repeatedly referring to the urgent need for the Leader of our Nation to guide and rule like the CEO of a Business Organization to bring about a visible CHANGE in the dynamics and policies through  Vision, Mission, Plan,  Programs and Actions in an effort to enhance our Image and Reputation in the eyes of the World.  Qualifications/Experience do not much matter; not even in Business. Just to cite a couple of instances  : (a)  Harriet Green , CEO of Thomas Cook since July 2012. She has no experience in Travel .  She was in Electronic Distributor Business  (Arrow Electronics). When she took charge the stock was at 0.14 Pound sterling. By some changes to hiring & firing; raising capital and the like,  she brought the stock to  1.2 Pound sterling in a year. Remarkable for a 171 year old moribund organization.  (b)  Howard Schultz, the CEO of the popular Coffee House Chain,  Starbucks,  founded, turned around when in difficult times, and made it with a Vision to  – to quote his own words –   ” a  THIRD  PLACE between home and office where people can come together to enjoy the peace and pleasure of Coffee & Community.” He was a  Business and Communications Graduate, not a Coffee man.  But a man with excellent business acumen.

  The above are not the  only two to mention and I am not biased either.  They did have several other advantages that many lack.  There are many others, some in the field of Info Tech itself.

New Age Politics is no exception.

C.   Better  Performance goes with Brilliance  and  Flamboyance;  Politics, Business  or otherwise.   Not true  again :

It is again a general misconception that excellent qualifications, brilliance, and flamboyant nature (elitist nature) are essential ingredients to better performance.  On the contrary, hard work, and honesty can outbeat anyone, anytime, anywhere.  I vividly remember a well-reknowned Computer Organization in the early 80s preferring students with GPA (Grade Point Average) of 2.5 to 2.9 even while students with GPA of 3.2 and above  ( 4,0 is the maximum GPA then) were more willing.  The selected candidates’ ambitions were more than met through short term stints to U.S.A./U.K. as a means of expanding their experience and knowledge  horizon in developed environments. That organization was the first to set a ‘new model’ of recruitment with pride. The candidates as a whole performed above their expectations and the organization flourished.  That  “Goldman Sachs”, after the financial meltdown of 2008, chose to recruit less flamboyant and candidates with moderate antecedents from average hardworking families ( as interns and for formal positions) bears testimony to the efficacy of the practice initiated. The bottom line is that performance in any sector hinges mostly on hard work and honesty.

New  Age Politics is no exception.

In sum,   today’s environment does not guarantee success for any candidate.  The election is bound to throw surprises – pleasant and unpleasant –  and the candidates will be on tenterhooks till May 16, 2014.   The one CERTAINTY,  however,  is that this election will go down in the History of this millennium to be   UNIQUE.
     “Dieu  avec  nous”

Monday,   March  17,  2014  –    10.59  a.m.

Tidbit  :   When  Abe  Lincoln  was elected  President  he had  only  $601    in the  Bank.  How much does  anyone contesting have today  ???


“Give a Leading Edge to Your Campaign – Resurgent India in 2014”

India – if we use the business parlance – is in dire straits  with economic and social challenges  looking for a turn around with the twin objectives of bringing the ‘Growth Trajectory’ back  and a mature and consistent phase of  ‘Social Peace’.  India looks for a Leader who can creatively think, plan, and prepare for the unexpected in this scenario of global turmoil and social tension.  India also looks for the Legislators to excel in collaborative support, irrespective of their affiliation, for the common weal.  The situation, while posing difficulties testing the powers and capabilities of the contestants, simultaneously throws up opportunities for the candidates to bring new life and variety in their campaign through innovation to make this election a memorable one.

Here’s my offer  to the candidates to achieve the above end :

“To the nines with Nine Practical Tips for the Candidates”  –   Here I go :

1.   All parties should use the next 24 hours to craft a simple “Statement of Purpose” – (SOP) –  and publish in leading dailies (local, regional and national) to make people aware of what they think they can do and how they plan to take India “FORWARD”.

     2.   Just as business emphasises Corporate Performance and  Profitability, every Candidate shall focus their attention on how to improve their own performance while striving for higher national productivity/welfare.( Think of resource allocation to sectors of Growth; start making a blue print now itself and periodically convey this to the public in your campaign).

3.   Candidates and Party Leaders to forget and shelve their in-grained attitude of ‘know-all’  and start getting feedback from people every week/fortnight without dictating anything.

4.   Get your facts simple, clear and ready for every campaign speech to make it appealing, sincere, and genuine to the public. ( No blah.. blah;  faux pas; attempts to grind the same stuff repeatedly …  …  … ).

5.   People lose faith in politicians fast.  Take this as a great opportunity to ‘renew their faith.’  Speak the truth filled with reality.  Never let money speak for a change;  Truth becomes silent and you will start losing.  Just as business resorts to innovation candidates also need to innovate their campaign strategies.  From Chariots, bicycles, steam engines, aircrafts to space vehicles, we have moved on.  Candidates will do well to tune their minds to the age of computers and reinvigorate the shambling human beings here.

6.   It is imperative for candidates to reinforce a “sense of community”  feeling  among the people to win their hearts;  more so in this critical period of moral turbulence.

7.   Develop and practice a “people-recognition” program for your campaign to fuel and enhance close engagement with voters and drive your chances of success.  Appreciating the crowd;  showering accolades for their constructive opinions;  words of praise for their display of comity and practices in social upliftment in the beginning of campaign speech everytime will engage them to listen intently.

8.   “Politics is a form of Social Business”.  Do not fail to use social media tools to bring your people together.

9.   Formulate a “Special Work Force”  to seek out the little and big challenges to the public.  Highlight what you gathered in your next speech.  This will help get them together without making them insouciant.

This is concluding my  “RISE”  –  (  Responsible  Insights  for  Sound  Election  ).

“Dieu  avec  nous”

Wednesday,   March  12,  2014   –    4.49 p.m.  (IST)

Tidbit  :  “Too often, reason deceives us …  but conscience never deceives ”  –  Jean  Jacques  Rousseau.


“Prospecting & Shaping India’s Course – May 2014 & in to Future”

Gratified,  spirited  and  manifested  to present this ‘managerial skeletal framework’  for any political dispensation  wishing to sow the seeds of a   NEW  INDIA.

  PART   –    I

1.   VISION   :   “Prosperity  and  Compassion”  to  be balanced and  made  to  Coexist.

2.   MISSION   :   “Envisage  Key  roles  for  both  Government  and   Private  Enterprise.”

3.   OBJECTIVE   :   “Singular  Objective  of  Growth.”  –   Not just  distribution of wealth  and  not  just  picking  winners  or  losers.

4.   PLAN   :   Carry  out  a  SWOT  analysis of  what  people  at various  levels  need;  and  what  the  political dispensation  thinks people will want.  Decide clearly  HOW  the  various  programs  and  procedures  will be  FUNDED  in  5  years.  Spell out  preliminary details  to  the  people  in  simple,  concrete,  specific  and  understandable  terms  during  the  Campaign.

5.   PROGRAMS   :    (a)  Embrace  Free Enterprise  without  leaving  People  behind;  (b)  Enhance  People’s  access  to  Opportunities  ( do not simply dole out money);  (c)  Ensure  Poverty  does  not  create  and  breed  Social  Problems;   (d)  Engender  the  means  of  Empowering People (E.g.  Do not treat  Infrastructure  as  Jobs  program,  but  treat as a development  program empowering people through easing difficulties);  (e)  Enliven  all sections of people with  planned activities satisfying their needs after a due assessment by the Legislator representing the constituency.

PART    –    II

This is to make people aware of the Requirements of a Legislator and  some criteria to enable a judicious assessment  before voting :

“To the nines  with  these  nine points.”

   We want the Legislator to be :   1.   Friendly,  Charismatic,  Outgoing,  and  reasonably Assertive/Aggressive  without  being  overbearing;  2.  One  with  Strong  People  Management   and  Time  Management  Skills;   3.  One  with  Reasonably fair  Communication skills  and  meaningful  Public  speaking  skills;   4.  One  with  Passion  for  Public  Service  and  Spotless reputation;   5.  One  with  Reasonably fair Physical  Stamina to engage in  meetings,  interviews,  speeches,  attending  social  functions,  consistent traveling  and  the  like;   6.  One who knows he’ll be a public figure  and  so  he/she  and  his/her  family  will be  under  scrutiny  for  ‘Past, Present, and Future’  actions;   7.  One  who  can work smart and boost his/her service strength and prospects;   8. One who  is  proficient  in political  thought,  theory  &  science;   9  One  who  has  built up  or  capable  of  building  up  a strong  support  base  among  constituents.

     Remember,  the  Legislator  has  to  be in touch  with  the  Constituency  and  be  aware  of  the people’s  opinions  AND  be  able  to  carry,  advocate,  and  speak  up  for  the  people  fruitfully  in  Delhi.

     The opportunity  to  make  the  choice is  with  us,  PEOPLE,  and  only  with  us,  and  we  will get  the  Government  that  we  Deserve.  The  most  critical  “DECISION-MAKING”  process stares  at  us.

     Time to put on our thinking caps !

     “Dieu  avec  nous”

     Tuesday,   March  11,  2014   –   2.39 p.m.  (IST)

     Tidbit  :  :   “The  danger of  the  past  was  that  men  became  slaves.  The  danger  of  the future  is  that  men  may  become  robots.”   –   Erich  Fromm.

                           ”  If  anyone  has  trouble  forecasting the future correctly,  do  it  often  at  short intervals.”


“Coup d’oeil & Management Perspective of Kejriwal’s Video reported going viral “

Three  hours ago news cropped up in various channels that a “You Tube  video of Kejriwal’s Interview went viral in social networking sites”  after he criticized the media.

This is not meant to justify or support  Kejriwal or his party,  but to present a fair and objective assessment of the context in today’s polarized propaganda giving new meanings and qualities.

Usually, in an interview, be it for admission in an institution or for a job  entry into an organization,  the following two questions by the interviewer are common :

(a)     Whether the candidate will like to highlight accomplishment(s) yielding command upon the success of his/her selection ?    (b)     Whether he/she would like to  express a set of reasons or a leading principle for his/her choice of the Institution for admission  OR  Organization for job as the case may be ?

Each candidate will have his/her own set of reasons and way of answering the above questions.  But,  most usually  would  say something about the comparable institutions/organizations and why his/her preference  stands tall in his/her rating/choice.  References are commonly made to the Age of the institution /  organization;  its  Growth;  other strengths,  weaknesses,  opportunities  of  advancement, and even threats.

Kejriwal’s response constitutes what a candidate in a Professional interview will do,  but in a manner that will comply with the norms of a live interview with a Person of Distinction  transmitted  in an Electronic  mode.

One must not miss the fact that in an interview ( admission/job )  there will be more than one interviewer sitting as opposed to the present case with a single interviewer.  Where there are more interviewers,  standards of assessment by them  will also likely to vary with what they hold in their consciousness collectively.  In the case of Kejriwal’s  interview, assessment will be done by people,  again an introspective  subjectivity.  “Kejriwal just sought certain aspects highlighted”  (his own expression of strength/weakness/opportunity/threat )  which by no measure can be termed inappropriate in the least.

In sum,  may we then  conclude  :

Kejriwal    :  1.  He was interviewed for his views/opinions in an electronic mode for transmission to public;  2.   Kejriwal spoke of the strength/weakness/opportunity, threat for national good;   3.  Anchor’s judgement of what to play need not be influenced by Kejriwal’s expressions or otherwise,  as they have their own set of norms to play it full or edit to fit with time and need;  4.  Kejriwal neither paid nor offered to pay for the highlights.

Candidate for admission/job   :   1.  A candidate seeking an admission in an institution or a job in an organization;   2.   Candidates speak of the strength/weakness/opportunity/threat  for their choice(s) of institution/organization;   3.   Interviewers, based on a system embodying the collective/inferential/majority/ or any other yardstick will decide to select or reject the candidate;   4.   Candidates do not pay for expression of their reason(s) and  accomplishment(s).

Nothing that Kejriwal did or spoke violate/breach the norms, dignity or merit of the interview  AND  he is not ‘in banco regis’  either.

” Dieu  avec  nous “

Monday,   March 10,  2014    –   6.29 p.m.  (IST)

Tidbit   :   “Imagination gallops  while  judgment  goes  on  foot.”


“The Exalted Honour and Power of Women” (IWD 2014 – March 8)

When  15,000  women marched through New York City  (in 1908)  demanding shorter hours, better pay, and voting rights in a vocal and active campaign for Change, the arrival of  Women’s participation was signalled in all Social, Economic, and political processes internationally.  Soon  the International Women’s Day  (IWD)  was born.

          I present here briefly the inputs received from a few graduates highlighting the glory of women.

          1.  Early Days of Subordination :  From a report on an earth Summit in late 80s  :   ” The integral problem in Nations worldwide is Subordination of women. Summit itself reflected the state of the World regarding Women in Executive Decision Making.  Men dominated delegation rosters, plenary sessions, high level treaty negotiations;  while  Women answered phones, made photocopies, and served ‘Coffee’ .”  Women broke out of these earlier limiting roles to become a new kind of person in every field  today.

          ” Disguise our bondage as we will,  ‘Tis woman,  woman rules us still.”  –  Tom Moore

          2.   Ready,  Set  and  Go  :   NASA tested 25 female pilots in 1962 along with males for astronaut application program. They were given  the same tests as Glenn and Allan Shepherd, and they all PASSED with flying colors. The test involved enclosure in a “sensory deprivation tank” with no outside world contact for a few hours.  At least two male astronauts  Cried and reported imagining the barking voices of dogs with trepidation.  It made the females even more satisfied.  Alas !  NASA, however, decided not to include female astronauts (in principle) and so they were deprived of a possible Space Sojourn.  Their accomplishments were, nevertheless, highly commended.

          3.   Having a Clear Edge over Men  :   A first of the kind study in the Indian Army assessing the performance of women (reported in 2005-2006) in parameters including academics, discipline, posting profiles, sickness, seeking postings/favors showed, “Women having an edge over Men”. The then Vice admiral,  VK Singh, the DG of AFMS said  : “Women Officers have proved to be better than men in academics and in panic management.  The embargo earlier on women joining Armed Forces is just a myth. Women can go into any branch and are in no way inferior to men in physical and mental tasks.”  He also went on to suggest that, “the safest career for women is the Army.”  DGAFMS  advocated the induction of women into the army as Fighter Pilots and on board Naval Warships.

          4.   Superior Perception – A Blessing  :   “Men and Women perceive the world differently and therefore communicate differently.”    Women : “World is a network of connections in which support and consensus are sought and confirmed.”   Men :  “World is made up of individuals in a hierarchical social order in which life is a competitive struggle for success, the gaining of independence and advantage over others and avoiding the loss of Power.”

          5.   Women make Better  Leaders  and  Managers  :   “Women  Leaders are more proactive and transformational and therefore are seen as more effective & more satisfying.”  The days of women succeeding by learning to play the games of men are long gone. Instead men have to learn to play women’s games.  (Management Guru – Tom Peters).  Females display behaviors and characteristics that have been related to  higher levels of effort, performance, and advancement across organisations.  Read about Top Women in Silicon Valley  –  Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook);  Meg Whitman (HP);  Marissa Mayer (Yahoo);  Virginia Rometty (IBM).  Also  Indira Nooyi  of  Pepsi.

          6.  Physiological  Advantage  :  Studies reveal that  Women are more resistant to radiation;  less subject to heart attacks; better able to endure extremes of  heat, cold, pain, noise and loneliness.  Since they generally weigh less they require less food and Oxygen.

          Is it then proper to conclude that no one is a great leader of men than a woman ?

( I do not admit to any tendentious views here,  as the information  is culled by graduates from printed sources.  Thanks to  Ms Bhoomika  Chowdary,  Ms Lakshmi Narayan,  and  Ms Pavitra  Ganesh. )

   “Dieu avec nous”

   Thursday,  March 6,  2014  –   10.29 p.m.  (IST)

   Tidbit  :  ” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  –  Eleanor  Roosevelt.

   ” I never let the fact that I was a woman stop me from achieving anything that I put my heart  into.”  –  Kiran Bedi


“Will Kejriwal lose the People or People lose Kejriwal in May 2014 ?”

General  Election  Schedule  (India)  has  been  announced;   Model Code of Conduct has come into effect; Political Parties will set themselves on ‘chase’ mode;   In a douceur filled atmosphere, money will start changing hands thick and fast;   Citizenry gets the widest options possible to choose their leader;   On May 16,  2014,   ( or by  May 31, 2014)  people will know the Government they deserve;   Is there an authentic, open & transparent  Government   OR   another  corrupt and criminal  one on sight ?

The distinctive characteristic that marks this General Election way  too  significantly  is the emergence of a people-made  Party in AAP  (Aam Aadmi Party).  While creating a sort of history in Delhi, the  AAP  was  forced to draw back in just 49 days – dealing a wham on both sides for those with abundant hope and aspirations.  It also projected a shining star in the galaxy of Indian Political Horizon – the 45 year old  Arvind  Kejriwal.  With each passing day, since December 8, 2013, the star gazers grew in number spreading their focal lengths wider.  The fantasy of a 2nd  Freedom  Struggle  has also engulfed the minds of people in general.

In his short and agonizing reign in Delhi, Kejriwal delivered a mix of good and not-so-good measures that prompted analysts to affirm in pirlicue that he should have concentrated more on administration and less on dharnas/protests.  Just to cite two examples :  (a)  A majority of people felt that he should have set up a committee to investigate facts about the case against Somnath Bharti when he took law into his hands and raided the house comprising of  Ugandan  Women.  (b)  He should have waited for a report before compensating a police constable with a reward of Rs 1 crore.  It has the likely negative chain of events inducing other constables to even risk their lives in anticipation of a reward.

Other general misease relates to the Jan Lok Pal Bill being placed in a hurry in the assembly ignoring the constitutional framework,  and also the inability to have full control of his own leutinants and hold them together.

While the star still shines in the National Scene,  people will, sure, start a due assessment of his actions.  I pose the following for people to ponder :

1.   Can people rely upon a crusader against Corruption and Misgovernance to govern the Nation ?   2.  Is Arvind  Kejriwal a selfless man who acts while others make the issues emotional for personal benefits ?   3.  Did Kejriwal change the definitions of a host of words in Politics for good ?   4.  Are his actions plain gimmickry and if so will people be wise to see through his antics ?   5.  Can he build a Trust Culture among people and provide a Transformational Leadership ?   6.  Can he really be accepted as a “thought leader” that India needs at this critical moment ?   7.  Is  Arvind  Kejriwal  really a lodestar on the national scene and can he become a real  Prime Ministerial  Candidate ?

Only,  time  can  tell .

“Dieu avec nous”

Thursday,  March 6,  2014     –     11.19 a.m.  (IST)

Tidbit  :    ” An  election  never  proves  anything  except  that  different  parts of the  country  are  mad  about  different  things.”