SAMSUNG delivers the Thunder at MWC 2014 – Barcelona

     Mobile  life  is  changing  in an unbelievable, unprecedented and unavoidable way with mobile tech progressing by leaps and bounds.   After the weekend full of  junket and refection charging the alimentary canal, the new week opens to gourmandise and charge the grey cells of  every  tech  enthusiast.  Tech  giant  Samsung  has carved a special place in this transformation.  The central piece of this show –  MCW  2014 –  in Barcelona could well be  Samsung’s  new  flagship  device    ” Galaxy  S5 ”  with a built-in  Heart  Monitor,  Pedometer,  Fitness  Apps,  and ,  YES,  FINGERPRINT  RECOGNITION.  This will make  SAMSUNG,  the  Champion of  Gadgetry,    to be the alluring, captivating and seizing  moment  for the visitors.   Galaxy  S5,  in sum,  is a thoughtful  combination of a Communication expert,  a  Medical expert,  and a Sports/Fitness  expert  rolled  into  one,  as  never  before.  April 11  is said to be the release date.

   I see S5  is  also  special  for  A  to  H  of  the  following :  ( just for the prefatory fill )

A     –     Apps  (no elaboration here); 

B     –     Battery  (Even when battery is on 10% it has 24 hours of time left; something special)

C     –     Camera  ( 16 MP – with advanced editing & focus tools ,  another special,  Fastest  Auto focus )

D     –     Dust  Resistant  and  Durability  (better  than  ever )

E     –     Exercise  Specialist  ( prescribe a regimen by monitoring jogging and climbing stairs )

F     –     Finger  Print  Recognition  ( No more the preserve of Apple);  Fitness Regime Function

G     –     Galaxy S5/Gear 2  Integration  (Gear 2 monitoring on Galaxy display)

H     –     Health  Suite ( Watch will pick up the pulse from the skin and display on small screen )

Three points  cross my thoughts  :   (a)   Can  SAMSUNG  bring new  rules  of  stability  to  Mobiles  ?     (b)   Is  SAMSUNG  on course  to its  plenipotentiary  status  of  a mobile  King of Kings  (Chakravarthi !)?     (c)   Will  SAMSUNG  make other  tech  giants  shake  and  quiver  ?

Also,  watch  out for  NOKIA’s  low  cost smartphones  (  X ,  X+ ,  and  XL )  shifting to  Android  as  a means of  resurrecting  its  image  and  standing  in  the  market.

Tech pursuit  will continue.

“Dieu avec nous”

Tuesday,   February  25,  2014     –      6.59 a.m.  (IST)

Tidbit  :    It is  ‘Mobile  Magic’  on  show  from  now  on.


India has Three Options to Choose From (India Centric)

General  Elections  are  just  3  months  away and the storm of emotions brewing in the minds of people is nothing  short  of being revolutionary.  Peoples’  aspirations, values and hope ride high on any scale.  They want everything and right now.  GenX  and  millennials  representing the changing value systems and quality of governance could well hold the cards and influence decision-making. They want the nation to give as much as their parents gave.  They all want a comfortable life; excellent schools;  and  growing prosperity.  They also present a new set of challenges to our leaders.  Effectively,  India has to choose  from three options :  Rahul  Gandhi;  Narendra  Modi;  and  Arvind  Kejriwal.

First, Rahul Gandhi  :  Rahul is the person,  Congress  assigned  to  pull the right wires at the right time, and be wise not to be domineering in public image. Piloting the Congress  Ship is not just ‘sitting’,  ‘standing’  or  ‘steering’  but  ‘working hard’.  His actions more than reflect this truly these days, and for the good – be it his meeting with the Labor Representatives, many other sectoral groups, his experimentation of ‘primaries’ (aka US Style), seeking to consolidate views from different quarters –  all in a sincere attempt to gauge what people want/need  and to align it with the Goal of the Party. Galvanising people and eliminating tension seems to be his objective.  Right through these exercises, he has been adopting ‘humility’ as the easiest way to ‘dignity’ projecting an image with care.  He needs ‘feedback’;  he needs ‘ideas’ to improve himself;  he  needs ‘coaching & guidance’  for self.  He is clearly on the path of ‘peoples welfare’,  care & commitment, service to people, and national culture.  I see in him, while borrowing the industry phrase,  the “TQM  Leader of the Nation”  holding the trump card of  ‘SERVICE  LEADERSHIP’.  ( ‘TQM’  :  Total  Quality  Management.  )

Second,  Narendra  Modi :  Narendra Modi took the State of Gujarat to the path of Growth & Development (Gujarat Miracle and Vibrant Gujarat reverberate  everywhere now) and Championed the cause of his people known for their enterpreneurial spirit. That he began his career (work) in the Canteen of the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation is just a ‘Nanobyte’  before his  ‘Zettabyte’  status of accomplishments.  The crux of his success lies in Margaret Thatcher’s  mantra who said :  If someone comes to me and asks “What are you going to do for us, businessmen?” ,  I would say,  “The only thing I am going to do for you is to make you freer to do things for yourselves.”  Modi lived true to this.  He said : “Businesses never come to you, You go after it.”  Tata’s  ‘Nano’  venture in Sanand in their times of travail is just an example.  Business recognises only ‘Impact’;  and  Modi created opportunities.  Opportunity is a powerful motivator and he did it in a simple and distinctive manner.  Is he then in the mould of a Growth Expert/ Guru/ Unorthodox but highly effective Champion?  I see in him a ‘Leader with PQR Potential’  without  PQR degrees to boast of but holding the trump card of   “TRANSFORMATIONAL  LEADERSHIP”.  ( PQR  :  Productivity, Quality and Reliability  ).

Third,  Arvind  Kejriwal  :  Kejriwal  ‘speaks his mind’  without any dancing done in soft soled shoes around any issue.  It occurs to me that he is not so much concerned as to how others will perceive his actions, but with no dilution of his message whether it will hurt others’  feelings or not, he says what he thinks as purposeful and assigned.  Right or Wrong,  Willing or  Unwilling,  Knowingly or Unknowingly he always ‘sticks to his stand’.  Truth and Justice are fundamental to an enduring social order –  seems to be his guiding philosophy.  He says : Law was made for man; and not man for law – be it his naming of corruption tainted leaders;  removing Binny for anti party activities; holding dharnas and protests for peoples’  cause,  his intent to hold the assembly session in a large stadium (unconventional & unprecedented move) to pass the State Jan Lok Pal Bill.  I am not sure if these actions will invite disdain when repeated, putting brakes on his success and momentum.  We are witnessing a highly  stressful  moment in Politics  now and he should be well aware of that.  Nevertheless, he has strong convictions about the welfare of people.  I see in him a     ” Leader with the Identity of Common man (LIC)”  holding the trump card of  “LEADERSHIP  BY  EXAMPLE”.

Ultimately, when it comes to the crunch, people will do well to decide their choices by assessing the following :

1.   Which of these Leaders’  actions will carry greater  Positive  Impact ?

2.   Which leader’s  ‘credibility’ will get better as the elections approach closer ?

3.   Which  leader will create conflict by his actions  OR  undo conflicts in society ?

4.   Which leader will show himself to be more polite,  pleasant,  tolerant,  and  respectful ?

5.   Which leader will be  capable of taking clear responsibility for peoples’ welfare through his actions –  OR  will the leader shirk his responsibility by accusing others ?

Who will top the pack in May 2014 is the 64 thousand dollar question ?

“Dieu  avec  nous”

Sunday,   February  2,   2014    –    4.59 a.m.  (IST)

Tidbit  :  “The best minds are not in Government; if any were, Business would hire them away”  –  Ronald  Reagan,  40th  President of  America.